Interaction With Other Dogs?

I have a three month old Aussie-Border Collie mix named Lola. She interacts very well with my Sheltie puppy and even our cat. However, she seems hesitant to interact with any other dogs. My Sheltie loves the dog park so we take both of them there and she will just stay under the picnic table and will only venture out to play with her brother when the other dogs have gone on to other parts of the park.

I take both Lola and her brother over to my parents house and allow them to play with my parnet's Sheltie. However, even then Lola is hesitant to interact with him and when she does it is for limited amounts of time and she will usually prefer to just chew on a toy and look on as her brother plays with my parent's dog.

Is there anything I can do to encourage her to be more social with other dogs, or is this just her personality? I want to make sure she enjoys her experiences around other dogs and does not miss out on the fun. Thanks!

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Re; Interaction
by: Kym

You may want to invest in a puppy class. She may be overwhelmed with the dog park. A puppy class is a great way to socialize your pup in a well controlled environment.

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