by Jerry
(New Hampshie)

My 16 year old Aussie has always been on Interceptor for Heartworm prevention - I have one dose left and have been unable to locate the product due to manufacturer issues. Any suggestions as I know other products can be dangerous for Aussies.

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by: Anonymous

I also use Interceptor. You may not approve of what I do, but I will tell you about it. I use the Interceptor for heartworm ONLY. The dosage that you receive in each tablet is actually 5 times the dosage recommended by the FDA for heartworm. They give you a larger dosage in order to also kill intestinal parasites. I cut the tablets using a standard pill cutter. Hopefully it will become available again.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I know i totally understand. I had to convince my mom to get the interceptor for the 20lb dogs. I gave my Aussie who weighs about 85lb 4 1/4 pills. You can do that if you're desperate. Other than that I'm still waiting to hear if i can use any other Heart worm medication.

cutting pills
by: Anonymous

Just to clarify, I give my dog just a fraction of a pill. This is because the Interceptor pills contain 5 times the FDA recommended dosage for use as a heartwormer.

Cutting Interceptor dose
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. I have one Interceptor tablet left. I am afraid that the recommendation to use 1/4 the dose of Interceptor is perhaps wrong, though. Our vet says there's no guarantee that each part of the pill has an equal amount of medication in it so cutting it means there's no guarantee they're getting enough.

larger pills or austrailian pills
by: Anonymous

I have been told my many doctors about cutting the pills in quaters may not be enough but I have some larger for a new dog I am getting and a few in right size. My last dog was switched to Iverhart plus and is not alive. So I think the risk of cutting the pills is no more risky than switching. I am hearing from the co. that they think Sentinel is coming out in Jan so if so you could switch to that or switch to Trifixus which as same incrediants but one added, or lastly they make it in Austraila and its sold on the net I don't know the quality of it and I don't know the laws on that but if you have a relative in Europe they might be using it and ask them I just emailed a relative to inquiry about the quality and situation.

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