Interpretting Sounds of Aussies

by Aaron

I asked some questions about my Aussie, Zappa, a while back in this forum and got some great advice. Zappa just turned 1 yr old and I have some questions about her vocalizations.

Other than barking, which I understand, Zappa makes a lot of different sounds. I usually understand her growls when playing as being engaged in the activity, but she makes all sorts of different noises at different times and I want to learn what these are and what they mean to better communicate with her.

Does anyone have any good resources or have examples of the noises that Aussies make?

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Sounds of Aussies
by: Kim

My 13 yr. old Aussie named Cody has become more vocal the older he gets.
He will grunt, whine and moan whenever he wants something....
whether it is a treat, a butt rub, play time on the floor with him, or just a head scratch.
Most of the time it is ALL for attention!
And, I indulge him!
He's 13 now and I cherish every single moment with him!
Not to mention....he's the best dog EVER!!!

Talking dogs
by: Owned by Zucchero

These are talking dogs. My girl has her own language and you have to listen and learn. They are very direct dogs. They tell you what they want and you are expected to give it to them. I'm sure they all have their own way of talking, different sounds from each other. Listen and observe their behavior and you'll figure our what they are saying.

Aussies are smart enough to talk!
by: Dave and Molly

I really think it is true, that they only lack a tongue and mouth that could sound out our complex language. Ours "talks" to us quite a bit. Often when he gets impatient like when he is waiting for his meal, or waiting in the car to get to the trail head to go for his daily hike. He also talks to us when it is playtime, often throwing one of his toys at our feet and letting out a very vocal sound that is not a bark or a whine, but really him mimicking us talking! "Come and PLAY with me"! It really is the only thing it could be as I don't believe dogs do this to other dogs when no people are around.

Eyes and behaviour
by: Linda McMullen

My girl only barks when she sees something unfamiliar move or hears something off in the distance, barks mostly at the paperboy, mailman and anyone coming to the door. If she is outside she jumps when she wants to come in...... She will stare at me when she wants something so I ask her to show me and she will go to the kitchen if she wants supper or to the door if she wants out. However, if she is not tired out from a good exercise session, she will want to go out several times and will bark for attention, because she knows I will give her attention to bring her back in..... She is twelve years old now and I still have to let her have a good run to keep her calm, every two or three days does it now compared to every day when she was younger...... These beauties just need all that exercise to be happy and calm.

by: jordan

are you located in florida? if so how does your aussie do with the heat? I'm moving to florida in august with my dog and a new puppy and want to know how they do so i can prepare. i live in mn so its not too bad here. I'm not used to the heat either but i can't stand the cold. sorry just curious

by: Aaron

I just take her on more shorter walks and try to get most of her energy out the mornings and late evenings. She's calmer than most aussies though.

by: Anonymous

My guy talks up a storm and loves to imitate sirens. When he wants a walk, he brings you a shoe!

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