Introducing A New Dog

by Donna

I have 3 dogs, an Aussie (neutered male) a Mini Aussie (spayed female) and a border Collie/Aussie (spayed female). I recently rescued a 6 month old Aussie (neutered male). The male is not accepting the puppy. He bullies him even going as far as attacking him. Any suggestions or should I find a new home for the puppy?

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by: Suzan

Introducing a new member to your family generally takes about 2 weeks for the dogs to accept the change. Sounds like your adult male is establishing his rank with the male puppy. Reward your adult male every time he is not establishing his rank. Make sure that the puppy is not trying to take the adult dog's toys. If the puppy tries to, lure the puppy away with his own toys. When they play watch your adult male, he will give body signals that he's had enough and then separate them and give your adult male a break from the puppy. Try taking both adult dog and the puppy on short walks together, even if the walk is just walking around in the backyard.

by: Ryan

I would say to put all the other dogs up, leash the two that have issues and keep them just out of each others reach. Be stern if a bad behavior comes but if they do good and sniff each other give praise. If you are leaving the house for awhile crate them literally right next to each other. This will keep a safe barrier while still letting them socialize and show bow that no one is going anywhere. In a few days they should be better. But will still need to be closely watched in case they decide to attack again. Keep me updated!

by: Donna

I have had the new puppy for three weeks now. I can walk them together without any problems and they have no problems together when we are at the dog park. The bullying and attacks by the adult only happen at home. The attacks are usually totally random (not over a toy or food) The adult aussie has always been an especially velcro type of dog.

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