Introducing Aussie To Chihuahua

by Wilda

Keito, Luke, and Kayla

Keito, Luke, and Kayla

Recently, I lost my 5 yea old Aussie, Luke. I am feeling such a void since. I went to a shelter, where I found a Aussie/Collie mix, 9 month old. She's was sweet, and smart. But puppy, thin, playful (not bad things); problem is that I also have a retriever/chow mix 13 year old, who had NO problems with the pup(because she is the alpha) and a 2 year old longcoat Chi who had ALOT of problem with her. He barked, growled, snarled, nipped at her whenever she moved. I understand that part of it, is his own fears, but I tried for days, and it just got crazy. To the point that I became concerned for the Chi's health, and mental state. I had to give up the Aussie. I cried for days, during the ordeal, and after. But I still would like another Aussie someday. (my 13 year old dog isn't going to be around for alot longer). so my question is, how do I do this, with the Chi going nuts? I love the little guy, and really thought getting a another dog, preferably a pup, would be good for him, as a playmate (since my old girl isn't up to it anymore). But now I wonder if I am only going to be able to have Chi's. I'm not opposed to having a toy Aussie, but if that... is that a reality? I mean what if I do, and it happens again? anyone with experience in this area, please help me.

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