Invisible Fence For Our Aussie

by Carol Stark
(Isle, MN)

We adopted a male Aussie 6 weeks ago, he is almost 2 yrs old. We live in the country on almost 3 acres and don't have a fence yet and are wondering if an invisible fence would work. I'm concerned because "Tony" loves herding anything with 4 legs but especially deer, squirrels, and chipmonks. When he sees one he will bark and take off chasing it and is so caught up in herding mode he won't listen to us calling him back. With this behavior I doubt he would stop for a shock collar! Comments please!

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The invisible fence is a shock collar
by: Dave

It will give your dog a static shock just like the shock collars do. It is interesting to me that your situation is so similar to ours. We live in the country on 3 acres and adopted a male Aussie that was a rescue and a year and a half old at the time. We have had him for a year now and is a wonderful dog. When we first brought him home we walked the parameter of our property with him and that seemed to do the trick as he stays around the house never straying past the end of the driveway.

I think in your case perhaps more time spent with him will help more than a fence, either invisible or not. These dogs need attention, not constantly all day, but not just ignored either. Give him a job to do. Doesn't have to have any real meaning, just something to keep him focused. Ours has taken on the role of watchdog on the property and he is always watching for anything out of the ordinary. He will bark only when there is something going on that he wants us to know about. He will give chase at times but never leaves our immediate area.

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