Is 3 Months Too Early For A Puppy To Go Into Heat?

by Daniel
(Spanish Fork, Utah)

We just purchased a Miniature Australian Shepherd. She is about 3 months old and on the second day having her we noticed that she started to bleed?

Is 3 months too early for a puppy to go into heat? What else could this mean?

We have an appointment to see the Vet but I was just wondering if anyone here has any advice.


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See a Vet
by: Anonymous

My girl is turning 1 on Wednesday and is currently in heat now. I have been doing LOTS of research on this as we are planning on having one litter (save the negative comments I have done my research). Generally the heat cycle is 6-14 months however smaller dogs may start early. 3 months seems a little too early though. The best way to tell is see if the vulva is swollen. Since you just got her it's best to see a vet anyway. It could be a UTI or kidney infection so definitely see a vet.

Good luck I hope the little girl is okay! :)

follow up
by: Anonymous

So we took her to the vet. looks like she had a UTI so we put her on antibiotics and she is doing great now.

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