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Is A Mini Aussie A Good Apartment Dog For A Single Nurse That Works 3, 12 Hour Shifts A Week?

by Mmckinney
(Dallas, TX)

I am an active 24 year old single woman. I jog 4-6 miles 3 times a week and would love to have a jogging partner. I stay outdoors and I'd love to sign my dog up for agility training as a fun bonding activity and hobby for my dog.

At this time I am in nursing school and live with my parents who have a large yard but I will be graduating and searching for a job in a larger city (probably Dallas) after the fall. I know most nursing jobs are 12 hour shifts 3 days a week and I'll probably be living in an apartment.

I don't have any experience with this breed so I was curious if with my schedule and future living arrangements, a Mini Aussie would be a good pet for me?

I was offered a Mini Aussie by a classmate so I was thinking that if I get the puppy now while I have a larger yard and free time I can spend quality time training it this summer and bonding. I just don't want it to have a sad life when I have to work 12 hours for 3 days straight in the future.

I'd hire a dog walker like my big sis does for her dog, but will that be enough for a Mini Aussie? Does this breed have destructive tendencies if they are left unsupervised for that long? Esp since it'll still be in the puppy phase when I move out.

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by: Anonymous

I personally don’t have an Aussie but I like the idea of getting a dog walker. Maybe you get them to check in every 4 hours or so to walk the dog. You could also get some toys such as a Kong or an iFetch. You could also get a second dog to keep the Aussie company. As long as you give it enough attention when you’re home I think it’ll be fine since you said you only work 3 days (i think)
Also it depends on the size of your apartment. If it’s smaller I don’t recommend it but go for it if you think it’ll be enough space! You could ask your breeder to find a more mellow and calm puppy for you.

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