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Is a Mini Aussie Right for My Family?

(North East Texas)

I am looking at getting a Mini Aussiesometime next year, but I have some concerns.

I am currently 13 but will be 14 this summer. I also have two younger brothers who are almost 8 and 10. We have 2 cats who get along with dogs. My mom homeschools us, and my dad works from home so we are almost always here. I go on walks every morning, and we love going camping as well as biking.

We have previously had a Husky and a German Shepherd. We know a lot about how to handle the high energy levels. However, we recently had to take our German Shepherd to the shelter because we couldn't afford to handle her health problems. She also had really bad separation anxiety, and she was not eager to please. She also barked at anything that moved. It drove us crazy! She was so big none of us could handle her on a walk.

Do Mini Aussies have these problems?

I live in the north east part of Texas, so we get hot! How well do Aussies do with the heat?

I have read a lot about them online. Some articles say they are easy to train others say they are hard. What can I expect?

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