Is An Australian Shepherd Good With Cats?

by Bubba

Is an Australian Shepherd good with cats?

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good with cats
by: Anonymous

Mine are good with my own cats. Raise a puppy with cats and they will be part of the pack. But older dogs can be trained to accept a kitten. Just put the kitten in a room with a gate and let them get to know each other through the gate.

mine is !
by: Anonymous

Mine is 17 months old and loves cats. we just moved into a new house where there is two of them, they are the kings of the place and they know it, and my dog respects that. they get along really well. of course if a cat runs across the street her first aim is to go after but she usually makes friends with the brave ones.

Great Around My Cats
by: Ann

My 10 month old pup LOVES to play with my 1 year old cat. They would chase each other all day long if they could. And it's not just the pup that does the chasing. I also have a 3 year old cat that doesn't care to be bothered when inside, and my puppy tries to get him to play, but it's pretty funny to see my older cat act like he doesn't care. When they get outside, however, he likes to chase the puppy around. I definitely trust my Aussie around kitties, but he was raised around them from 10 weeks, so it's been an easy adjustment.

by: Anonymous

My almost 3 year old male loves cats. He will lick them and cuddle with them like they are his baby. My female that is almost 2 now has adopted our little manx and is very protective of him. The 3 almost 1 year olds think they are toys. They love to chase them- they don't hurt them, but think they are the greatest automated toy ever!

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