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Is It Possible To Have A Dog While I Am A Student?

by Solveig

Hello, I am a 20 year old girl debating whether or not I should get a dog while I'm in school. I have decided an Australian Shepherd is the right dog for me and I feel I have the knowledge that takes to raise one.

I am planing on getting the puppy in the spring so that I have the entire summer to get to know the pup before going back to school. I have experience with dogs and it's my number one hobby!

So my question is if you think it's possible to be a student and have a dog at the same time?

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by: Anonymous

You could get a dog walker to walk it when you’re not home. Also you could give it some Kong toys and other stimulating toys. Or you could get a second dog. As long as you give them a lot of attention when you’re home I think it’ll be fine. But make sure to train it not to chew on furniture because when they’re bored they turn destructive

It worked for me.
by: Anonymous

I ended up getting a Aussie puppy during the school year and it worked fine for me (but could be stressful at times). But you do have to start training early and not give into bad habits.

Australian Shepherd (especially a puppy) have a lot of energy and if they are not worn out they can be destructive. I would wake up early in the morning before my first class to exercise my dog (fetch and a morning walk). I would also leave something like a Kong to keep her busy when I was in my classes. I would also check back in on her when I had breaks between my classes to let her outside to potty and to play a little before I had to leave again.

The only thing I do have to mention is you don’t have the freedom to go as you please and be away for a long time because you do have to go home and take care of your dog. You also have to have good time management/planning skills because your dog won’t understand that you have to study for a test tomorrow and can’t play every second your home. I also recommend crate training your puppy or section off part of your home designated for your puppy. This will help a lot with preventing accidents and allow you to keep an eye on them so they can’t get into stuff you don’t want them in.

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