Is It Too Late To Start Dog Frisbee?

by Aussiefreak
(Alliance, NE, USA)

I have a red merle Australian Shepherd named Dakota. He 2 years, and 6 months old. Anyway I was watching Disney channel and a boy had an Aussie named Gunner, and he did Frisbee. Is it too late to start? My dog would be perfect for it! But I'm afraid that it might be too late.

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by: Anonymous

its never too late with an Aussie but especially at 2 and half years of age, he's just a toddler, great time to start; they actually don't recommend it before they are 1 year of age...have fun!

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Actually 2 years is a great time to start frisbee because your boy is physically mature and should be able to jump without fear of permanent damage. Start by working on retrieval skills and don't let him play-- or chew on-- the frisbee by himself. Let him know that it is a special toy that he only plays with you. You can check out my frisbee article on
Have fun! I am the proud mom of Nellie-- Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and Skyhoundz regional freestyle disc champion. Nellie left us last summer at 13. What a great life she had traveling around competing in frisbee and loving the camera!

Dog frisbee
by: Anne

It is never too late and you can find lots of training tools and tips with frisbee
items on the web.
Good luck and have fun!!

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Nonnie

If your dog loves frisbee, it will never be too late. If he doesn't like frisbee, it won't matter.

We have one who is absolutely crazy for frisbee and one who couldn't care less.

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