Is Misty a Red or Blue Merle?

by Jeanette Dubela
(Stratham, NH)

Misty is now nine months old and we are still scratching our heads as to whether she is a Red or Blue Merle. At 10 weeks when she came home it was obvious that she was a beautiful blue with no copper trim. Then her dark lips and nose began to get lighter. Soon dilute copper was coming through all over. She still looks blue at first glance but in the light she is red, her base hairs are grayish... and her nose is dark brown, not black. What do you think?

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Blue or Red Merle?
by: Anonymous

We have a blue-eyed blue merle. She has some copper - not lots, but on the inside or her back legs, around her cheeks and a few spots in the front legs. She is still mostly white, silver and black and she is a blue merle. Her picture is posted under the comment of "Puzzling Question".

Blue merle
by: Anonymous

I would say blue merle, considering the black nose. My red merle has a big red // pink nose.

Common Issue When Occuring On Black
by: Anonymous

Hi Jeanette,

This is often a common problem with dogs lacking lineolaic (terrible speller sorry) acids. Often, lesser quality dog food gives a copper tinge to what would otherwise be black hair. More noticable on medium and long haired dogs. Catches the light easier. :) Copper SPOTS on the coat are possible within the natural merling. But if you notice it only seems to be where it should be BLACK. You'll easily be able to figure out this issue. :)

by: mel and bindi the aussie

I have a blue merle aussie pup that has several spots on her that look like red merle, I researched and found out that these spots are what they call 'diluted' markings. I believe what you have is a dilute blue merle. This just means that the merling on your dog is not a true black. I personally think this coloring is very beautiful. Google dilute blue merle aussie, that should help

Definitely blue
by: Anonymous

Black nose and eye rims = blue merle

They can have reddish looking spots though.

Blue Merle
by: Jenny

I have a boy Merle and his head looks a lot like yours. Mine has like 3 diff colors in his eyes, 2 types of blue and a gray.

by: Anonymous

You have a dilute blue merle. Your breeder should have informed you of this when you picked up your puppy.

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