Is My Aussie Growing?

by Steph

Hi! I was wondering if my 5 and half month old Aussie is growing at the right rate. At 17 weeks, he weighed in at 27.9 pounds. And he's definitely grown since then. But I've been looking at multiple pictures of other Aussies and he doesn't seem to have as much hair as others. So I was just wondering if anyone could lend any opinions on if he seems to be growing properly. Thanks!

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by: Richard Bryant

No worries you'll be brushing daily soon. Got some long legs like our Finley. Finely just turned one and hair is starting to fill out. Your pup looks normal hair. BTW we have three and spend and hour twice a week to keep up with hair. Start with rake, then Furminator, then sheding blade and finish with brush. Furminator is awesome. get one. Also start brushing now and get pup use to it. Our first two loved brushing. The next two not so much. Ozzy, our 5 year old just now can handled it. Finley hates it but we are working on him. Seems the two boys have different hair, very wiffty, angle hair like. I have to brush very slowly to get them done. Good luck and enjoy.

by: Steph

Thanks for the response! I was just a little curious of his coat size after seeing others. Also, I was wondering what you feed yours? I tried Ozzie out on Taste of the Wild, but it made him have a bad itching problem and he also didn't care for it at all. Sort of had to make him eat it. He loves Purina Smartblende but I know it's not that good of a quality. I was thinking of trying Wellness or Science Diet.

by: jcrply

Of the two foods you mentioned, WELLNESS would be the better choice. Check out dog foods at the following site:
The foods that rate five stars are the best choices.

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