Is My Australian Shepherd Typical?

by Robert
(Sylvester, Ga.)

I am a new owner of a now 8 month old Aussie male we named Rocky. Here's a picture of him. He's not registered but was born bob tailed and is pure bred.


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by: Anonymous

I have my first aussie too. She turned 6 mo on dec. 3rd. You are going to love having an aussie. She keeps me very active and she loves to give you kisses. She tries to hold your face with her paws. Mine love to play for hours from 6:30 am until about 1 then she takes a nap...then up again and off she goes. I even put in a doggie door and she darts back and forth through it. I have to go outside and pick up toys often. Enjoy your aussie... I do

by: Anonymous

Yes, she looks like your typical Aussie, although they come in different sizes, body types, and colors. They are a great breed, I have a toy Aussie now, but I had a standard one up to recently, he died from epilepsy. Still, I wanted another one, of the same breed, but decided to go smaller because we also have a Chihuahua, and he did not do well when we introduced a new Aussie (9 month old) to him. She was too big as well as active. So we got a toy, and although they rough house alot (both are boys) ,he's much better with the smaller one. We also have a chow/retriever mix old girl, age 14, and out of all of them, we appreciate the Aussie most of all. They are funny, cute, smart, fun, loyal, and intuitive. Enjoy, and if you can, give her small jobs to do, they thrive on it.

Note from Anton: For clarification, there is no official designation of "Standard Aussie". This is a misnomer in describing the "Australian Shepherd" breed. Also the Australian Shepherd breed is considered a separate and distinct breed from what are referred to as "Miniature Australian Shepherd" and "Toy Australian Shepherd". So these are all currently considered separate breeds and not "Standard", "Miniature" and "Toy" variations of one Australian Shepherd breed.You can find more info about Aussie vs Mini Aussie here.

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