Is My Mini A Toy?

Our Aussie is currently 10 weeks old and is at 4lbs. He looks a little small to me from pictures I see and I'm worried that he wont be as big as we expected.

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Mini Aussies and Toy Aussies
by: Anonymous

Mini Aussies and Toy Aussies have the same characteristics as Australian Shepherds everywhere, they just come in a smaller package. They are extremely intelligent, and will love you unconditionally. They will also land on your lap in one jump, and cover you with slobbery kisses! We have one Mini and one Toy. They, along with our teacup Poodle and our Maltese puppy, are the joys of our life!!

Mini or Toy
by: Marilyn

I have a mini tri male. My goodness 4 lbs at 10 weeks!! Mine was three times that weight by 10 weeks. Although he is a little on the large side for a mini, I feel 4lbs would indicate a very small toy. Is he healthy and eating OK? If so, I'd say "TOY".
You'll love him anyway, Aussies are the greatest no matter what size they come in ;-D

Note from Anton: Australian Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds are considered separate breeds. More information here.

toy vs mini
by: Anonymous

If four pounds at 10 weeks is toy must be the smallest toy ever. At his 12 week check up he weighed in at 2.74!!

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