Is She An Aussie?

by Angel
(O'Fallon, MO)

Hi everyone! This is my precious baby girl Muffin! I rescued her in June 2014 and I believe she was about 6-8 weeks. She's the sweetest, friendliest, most intelligent dog I've ever had and I couldn't ask for a better best friend! I would love to know if she's actually an Aussie. She looks like one but her markings remind me of a Rottweiler too. I think she's around 11-12 months... possibly? I really would like to know because she has INCREDIBLY strong teeth and jaws! We have to get her bones and treats that are half her size for her to not demolish them in less than an hour!

You also can't see much of the back of her tail, but her rear and the middle of the inside of her tail are that light brown color too. Sorry I can't provide a pic, but she has the prettiest tail I've ever seen!

Thanks for all your help! (:

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by: Anonymous

Your dog is very pretty and has a sweet face. I am no expert but I do believe Aussies have white on them. I don't see any white on your girl. I would guess that your muffin is possibly a mix. Hopefully one of the Aussie experts will chime in and give you a better idea. None the less she is a nice looking girl. :)

Is she an Aussie
by: Anne

Aussies come in a variety of colors with or without copper points and white trim. So you can't determine if she is an aussie based on color alone.
Behavior is another way to tell.
IMO she is a mix, but you can find out for sure if you want to do a DNA test on her.
If you love her and she is a great dog then her breed shouldn't matter.
Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Hammond, La. USA

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