Is The Aussie A Good Family Dog?

by Jennifer

My family is considering getting an Aussie. We had heard good things about the breed, but now that we've put a deposit down for one, I'm hearing nothing but bad reviews - even from vets. I continue to hear that it is nearly impossible to satisfy their energy needs. My husband and I walk or jog every day. We have a large backyard and kids (7 and 5) ready to play ball and frisbee for hours.

It seems ironic, since I seem to read the same for many other breeds (Labs, Golden Retrievers, etc) - that they will become destructive if not exercised. Is this MORE true for Aussies or the same?

My breeder assures me that the dogs are no harder to take care of than your average Lab.

Any thoughts? Are we crazy to get an Aussie?

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Aussies are incredible!!
by: Nonnie

I have always had small dogs. I don't like big dogs. That is until we went to a festival and I got to observe Aussies. I was hooked!

We got our first mini-Aussie in late 2008. She was so sweet and we loved her intensely. She became very sick. It was unexpected and traumatic. We had to put her down just one week shy of her first birthday. I cried for weeks.

We knew we wanted another one so sometime later I began to research breeders. The one I felt most connected to was a few hours from our house. We visited and fell in love with a blue-eyed, blue Merle female mini-Aussie. She was 8 weeks old. Three weeks later we brought home our Bailee Joy. About 6 weeks later we brought home her half-sister. Maggie Mae is a brown-eyed, black tri female toy Aussie.

Bailee will chase a frisbee for as long as someone will throw it. Maggie couldn't care less. They have each stolen our hearts in different ways. I can't imagine life without them. The first time they look at you with those "I love you" eyes, or sit next to you and melt into a puddle, or chase frisbees, balls and anything else you can throw, or you watch the grace they demonstrate jumping hurdles, you will wonder where these dogs have been all your life.

Yes, they shed. You have to brush them once every week or two. Get a good undercoat rake. We also use the FURminator on our girls. We live in Texas where it is hot. Don't shave them down for the summer. They have a double coat. It keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

While there are surely some dogs who are not suitable. Good dogs are trained dogs. Your Aussie will love training. They want to please you. I hope you enjoy your Aussie even half as much as we do ours.

Family dogs
by: Anonymous

I have 2 Aussies - one is highly excitable and destroyed a lot of stuff when she was a puppy (crate training would have been a good idea!). My other one is much calmer and was crate trained from the beginning and loves it!

I work full time but get home mid-day to let them out etc. I have a small garden but take them to the park most days, do flyball, agility and obedience with them 2 or 3 times a week. The rest of the time they are very content to lay near me and cuddle up when they get a chance. With a reasonable amount of physical and mental stimulation they are no more of a problem than any other breed.

family dog
by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Yes, Aussies can be a great family dog! They are extremely loving and loyal.
Any intelligent dog needs exercise and attention. Aussies are no exception. They do need to run, but mental stimulation is even more important to an Aussie. Tricks training would be great for your kids and pup. We play find the food container, 101 things to do with a box and Bryn loves food dispensing toys of any kind. Kongs filled with treats, especially frozen peanut butter is something that she really loves and it keeps her busy. Of course, Aussies love obedience, agility training and frisbee. All great things for kids and dogs. You can do these things at home with homemade equipment.
Have fun with your new pup!

Aussie Good Family Dog
by: Anonymous

I have a lab and an aussie both 2.5 years ago. They grew up together since they both were 6 wks old. I never had either breed before so I had zero experience with both. The lab is very lazy (I guess not typical) and the aussie has lots of energy. They play and run together. We live out in the country so I can not take them for walks/runs. The playing together helps the aussie with her need to run. She loves to fetch (the lab just sits there). I think with 2 kids playing with him and jogging/running with him it will be just fine. Enjoy your aussie - I wouldn't trade mine for a million bucks! If you have the room - you should get two.

Family Dog
by: Debbie T.

My Gypsy has lots of energy but I dont think of it as a problem. I walk her in my back woods a good 45 minutes a day and play frisbee a few times a day as well. She loves to chase the water from the hose and that is a good energy release as well. She has her down time and loves to lay on the bed with me and watch animal planet. I think she would be a great family dog!She is laying at my feet as I type this. I got her as a baby since I recently became an empty nester. She will be 2 years old in July. She is by my side 24/7 and I wouldn't trade her for a million bucks.

please do
by: Anonymous

Since you said you hae a large backyard, kids willing to play, and both yoou and your husband jog, it sounds to me like an Aussie will fit perfectly.

Yes, they are high energy, but not to the extent that you seem to think. They are born lovers, love to play, love their family, just love, love , love...similarto a Golden Retiever, I suppose, but they do know how to unwind, sit at your feet, or relax with you on the bed, where ever you go, they will go, and just sit, waiting for clues, instructions, if its sitting you want, they can oblige.

My boy is 9 monhts now, and he's laying here beside me, after a walk, and some water, and just being happy to see me return. he does have another dog to play with when we are out, and in the past he has chewed and or destroyed a few things,but honestly, no more than my others dogs did, of different breeds. Once I reprimanded him for doing the "bad" thing, and praised, and rewarded him for doing the "good" thing, he got it, and hasn't destroyed or chewed anything else(that and the fact that he's growing up).

I think from what I can tell, it sounds good to me for you to get an Aussie(by the way, this is my 2nd Aussie, my first was your standard, ad my baby now is a Toy)both awesome, loving, smart dogs. I have no doubt Your family will be happy they did.

hope this helped

by: Anonymous

I have a 4 yr old Aussie Mix, and he is truley the best dog I have ever had. He loves his family, he likes to play and have something to do but is not trouble when we are on down time. Smart, he is so smart. He is beautiful, and very loyal. I am in the process of looking to add another Aussie to our family. good luck and enjoy him or her.

Aussies are amazing
by: Anonymous

My mother came home with a female red merle Aussie pup when I was five years old. Speck and I became extremely close over the years, and I adored her. When I was eleven though God brought her home- her heart had been too large for her body.
Three years ago, I got a chance to get another Aussie. I immediately fell for the energetic, goofy, playful, and friendly male red tri that was at the breeder's. We had driven two hours to go look at the Aussie pups this woman had for sell, and by the time we were heading home, I had a seven week old little boy laying between my feet in the car. I named him Desperado, or Des for short, and he's been my best friend ever since. I've never owned such an intelligent, loving, goofy, and hard working dog before. He is always at my side and we do everything together. He is not only a great family dog, but he is like a protector to me. As goofy as he is, he has shown more than once that he will protect me in times of trouble.
I'm 15, Des is going on his fourth summer this year, and I wouldn't trade my best friend for the world.

Aussies are Awesome!!!
by: Aussuskygirl

You should get one! I have an aussie and he's an awesome family dog! It's very good that you'll be exercising an aussie, because they have a lot of energy! Remember, GET AN AUSSIE!!!!


no better dog than my casey my best friend <3
by: Anonymous

i love my aussie he is the best dog I've ever loyal to end my true best friend. he is super smart i mean smart and i live in city with a moderate backyard and he doors fine every once in awhile he'll grab a you and just run back and fourth he's great with my kids and super protective of them not aggressive protective either he lives to cuddle mine is not hyper and we walk maybe twice a week only con is he suffers from epilepsy (seizures) but with right diet they are doing alot better my kids are 4 and 6 and they can be rough with him and never growled or snapped just has put up with it i don't think ill have a better dog than him he's 7 now and still s puppy he's my 3rd child i love him my best friend

Amazing and Loving Dog/Son
by: Anonymous

Don't kno how old this quest. is however, I will share my Aussie Story.

My guy is 8 mos. and I work full time and almost 60 yrs.old, I live in a small condo upstairs. We take a long walk (1 - 4 miles) every day. In addition to 3 or 4, 1/4 mi. walks. I am single and he has only me - he is AMAZING! Previously I had Labs and always thot they were the best. Not So!

I have never had a smarter, sweeter or more loving dog than my Levi. I will be bringing a female puppy home in March for him to have company with. He is also very protective.

You will not regret an Aussie.

Our Mini Cooper
by: Anonymous

I own a blue Merle mini aussie, (or she owns me)! I love her Sooo much. I have owned all sorts of breeds of dogs. She is no more trouble or over-active than any of my other dogs. My Cooper is extremely intelligent and loves our two ragamuffin kitties!

Aussie has average energy
by: Anonymous

Over my childhood and adult life I have had the pleasure of having several dogs in my life -- Toy Poodles, Standard Poodles, Australian Shepherds, Lab, Irish Setter, Mixed Breeds, Pekingese, Bouvier, Blood Hound. I have found Australian Shepherds to be more active than a Pekingese, but no more active than the other dogs.

They are easy to train, fun-loving, dogs that often (usually) bond with a single family member. Neither my own Aussies nor other Aussies I have been around "herd" people nor have excessive energy levels. They do need to be trained and well socialized.

are they good
by: Anonymous

aussies are the best dog I have 2 energy if in working enviourment is high if in a home they are lap dogs just like the rest very smart they need chew toys but very good family dogs

Great dog!
by: Anonymous

Our Aussie is with us in everything we do. Aussies are very smart, and should not belong to someone that does not keep them engaged. They are intuitive, loyal, protective, silly, playful, emotional, loving, and can learn most commands after two or three lessons. They are happiest in the middle of activity. Do Not leave them in the backyard and ignore them!! They love to please and they love to learn. They respond best to a calm person.
Yellers and hitters need not apply.

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