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Is The Miniature Australian Shepherd A Naturally Thin Breed?


Hello, I have a 9.5 month old Mini who is a neutered male. I've been a bit concerned about his weight, and am wondering if Aussies are naturally on the thinner side as far as body score condition. My vet has given him a clean bill of health, and rated him with a body score of 3.5 under all of his coat, so yes a little on the thin side.

He has a very sensitive digestive system, and so during the last 6 months we have battled several lengthy bouts of diarrhea (consulted our vet each time). After 3 food changes, including a Royal Canin prescription diet, I've finally stabilized his GI tract with Wellness Puppy Complete Health.

I allow him to eat however much he wants, and have even come to the point of bribing him to eat by mixing in a tiny bit of peanut butter with his food. He's a typical Aussie—always on the go and full of energy even after a good amount of exercise each day for his age—so I'm not sure if this is normal for the breed or if I need to go to other measures to put weight on him.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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by: Anonymous

I have a 7 yr old mini Aussie. She eats everything and has always been a good eater and a good weight. She is my 1st mini after have reg Aussies in the past.

Thin breed
by: Anonymous

Our Aussie had massive digestive issues, diarrhea multiple times. He seemed to get better after taking him off Blue dog food, then after a few months became very ill. Wouldn't eat at all, not even boiled chicken and rice. The vet put him on fluids, did a scan and found his bile duct was blocked. Several days later he was shaky but well enough to come home. His tests showed the duct was opening. Have had him on a hepatic dry dog food since, about a year and a half now. He gets white rice mixed in his food but no treats at all.

Skinny mini
by: Angela

Hi, I was also worried about my mini when he was that age, he was rail thin. No digestive issues, loved his food. His vet said he was healthy. His breeder told me not to worry, that he would fill out in time, and he did. I have found just recently at 1.5 years old, that he has problems with chicken, causes itchy skin.

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