Is This A Double Merle?

by Molly

We didn't get him from a breeder, our friend's Australian Shepherds had puppies. He seems to be able to hear well and his vision is ok except in bright sunlight.

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double merle
by: Anonymous

It looks like it is red merle. The color will define more later. I've seen this before.
Pretty cute!

Red Merle
by: Anonymous

No, it doesnt look like a double merle. it looks like a perfectly happy Red Merle. All puppies are sensitive to sunlight until they are older, try taking him on walks at early morning or early evening where the sun isnt so intense.

double merle

If the parents are both merle then he would be a double merle. He is adorable and looks what is called a mis-mark with too much acceptable white on his head for conformation. He is adorable!

Merle Pup...
by: Anonymous

Cute puppy! If he is squinting in sunlight-he 'could' have a coloboma in his eye. I have a blue merle w/a coloboma in her right eye. It does not affect her vision at all, and won't according to her eye specialist (DVM). Her left eye is perfect, and the right eye has a misshapen pupil (coloboma), which does not 'shutter' properly when out in bright light. According to our veterinarians, coloboma's can be common in all dogs with Merle coloring. Hope this helps! Just want to add that our girl is ASCA and AKC registered, BUT will never be bred even though she has a champion pedigree due to her eye issue. We simply will not breed a dog with any imperfections, which could cause problems in the line moving forward. Hope this helps! Any DVM should be able to check the pups eye's for you to see what is going on! :-)

by: morgan

this dog is supahhh cahhhhute!

I have a Double Merle
by: Anonymous

Your pup is beautiful, and it may be a little too soon to tell. If hearing seems good then it may be what the other writer mentioned, coloboma. My double merle is completely deaf - easy to tell, she is startled if I don't approach her where she can see me - and, she will lay on the floor in my way while I vacuum! I actually have to move her out of the way, so I know she doesn't hear it. My girl also has coloboma so she squints outside in bright light. Her pupils are irregular and not centered, but she seems to see just fine. To test your pups hearing if you start to question it, stand out of their line of sight a few feet away and clap your hands to see if they respond. Simple test but not traumatic like a BAER test would be. Enjoy your baby! FYI Merle to Merle breeding results in approx. 25% of the litter being double merle.

Is she mismark?
by: Anonymous

Having a mismark doesnt automatically mean double merle. Piebald gene can get passed down even thru reputable breeders litters. One way to tell if she is mis mark is to look at her eye lashes. Are they white at all? Also Iris Coloboma is a misshape of the Iris. I had one that i rehomed with my brother that i rescued. Iris coloboma makes them extra sensitive to bright light. Their pupils cant dilate properly. If in both eyes can effect vision more so. Also you can have some color on ears and still they can be deaf. Make loud noises when sleeping. If they startle or instantly awake then they probably dont have hearing issues. Some dogs can fool you and you think they can hear when awake. Perk their ears up like they are listening. My brothers dog does that but hes deaf for sure. These are things to look out for but theres a good chance your girl is fine. Just love her the best you can.😉

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