Is This An Australian Shepherd Puppy?

by Marjoruie

I want to know if this puppy in this picture is an Australian Shepherd or a mix between a Husky and a Golden Retriever?!

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You have a beautiful Aussie
by: Aussie vs Siberian Husky

You have an Aussie - would take him in a minute!

by: Anonymous

We have owned three australian-shepherds and there is no doubt that this is a picture of an aussie!

by: Neil Coy

Definitely looks like a Aussie to me and a pretty one at that.

Beautiful Puppy
by: Tom

I would bet it is a Australian Shepherd, what a Beautiful Puppy

by: Anonymous

Holy cow! You have an Aussie and a beautiful one at that!

I thought you were joking.
by: Eyeofthestorm

Yes, that is an Aussie and very beautiful at that. Who ever told you it might be a Husky / Golden Retriever should stick to cats. (LOL)

Great dogs.
by: Anonymous

Yes it's a Aussie. I have two.

Dog is an Aussie!!
by: eliza4u2

An Aussie! Awe, that was an easy one to answer!

I want one
by: Jess

Where can I get one of these adorable puppies??? I would love to have one.

Breeder info on this pup
by: Anonymous

I really would love to know what breeder abd sure abd damn made this puppy? Can u please tell me where he was bought?

such a cute aussie
by: Anonymous

i want him/her

by: Anonymous

It is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky. I was watching YouTube and looking at cross-bred dogs and that came up! I actually thought it was an Australian Shepard mixed with a Siberian Husky, but my phone told me otherwise.

Australian Shepherd
by: Anonymous

No It isn't a golden retriever mixed with a husky the video that says it is is fake, I have two similar to that one but obviously less looks like photography all the time that Aussie is gorgeous :)

Where to buy
by: Anonymous

Gumtree doesn't really have any if you wanted to buy any but there is some adoptions for Australian shepherd puppies or if you go to the bottom of this website it says Aussie puppies for sale :)

by: Anonymous

Appears to be an Aussie for sure

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