Is This An Australian Shepherd?

by Mary Long
(Knoxville, Tn)

Someone gave us this puppy and told us she was a Aussie I'm not sure if she is or isn't, I've never had one before. I love her regardless, just not sure what kind of dog she is.

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Working Genes
by: Anonymous

She could be an Aussie/Border cross. Or come out of working lines. Dogs bred for farm work specifically tend to have more variation in coat length, etc because they're being bred based on ability not looks. Personally, I think she looks like working Auss. My girl didn't have a big fluffy show coat when she was a puppy either and she is a working dog, no show lines here. It's my opinion that Aussies with finer coats (not fluffy/fuzzy, even if they come from traditional looking parents) have more of a herding/working instinct in their genetic history and tend to be better farm dogs.

by: Janet

She looks like she may be an Aussie but she also looks like a border collie mix. What ever she is she is adorable and so lucky to have you as an owner.

by: Anonymous

It appears to be more of a border collie or border collie/aussie mix. Difficult to tell when they are so young. If it matters a great deal, you can get a dna test.

by: Anonymous

She looks like a border/Aussie or cattle/aussie.
You can ask any vet to do a DNA test on her.

by: Anonymous

Looks like a mix, but is such a cutie anyways!

Aussie or Not
by: Anonymous

I agree she looks more like a Border Collie but could be a mix. But it's the love that counts not the breed. Just love and enjoy her. Oh and don't forget to start training early in obedience and other activities. a dog with a purpose is a happier dog. I have two Aussies and they have to have structure in their life. Wish you the best with her; she is a beauty.

An Aussie?!
by: Nancy

Your dog looks Aussie at least in part. Could be a mix. If you really want to know, you can do DNA testing through the college here in Washington State at WSU.
It cost around $50 and they tell you what breed your dog is just by swabbing your dogs mouth and sending it in by mail. I did it. : ) But yes I think it is mostly aussie! I'm not sure of your pups age. It's a definitely a cutie!! Have fun with your new baby!

Aussie puppy
by: Jamie Lynn

She is so cute! I am not an expert, but she looks like an Australian Shepherd to me.

Beautiful Girl
by: LindaM

Sure looks like a herder, regardless of what breed, as long as you love her, give her lots of attention and training, she will respond, spend lots of time with her and talk to her endlessly, she will know everything you are saying... sometimes that isn't so good, we have to spell words and she knows what we are spelling... Herders are so smart, and personality plus...

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