Is Your Aussie A Little Stinky?

Okay this is my first Aussie I have had many other dogs and he is great except for being a little bit stinky mostly from the back end. I have given him a bath my question is it common because of the skirting in the back end? Don't get me wrong it is not like you can smell him a mile away it is just when you have him up close and it is not like it is unbearable maybe it is just normal Aussie smell...

How often can I bath him with a good soap?


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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Aussies actually have very little body odor and are very clean dogs. Their coats seem to shed out dirt in a very short time. You might want to trim his rear end a bit especially in the summer.

Keeping it clean
by: Kathy

Aussies, with 'pants', can get a little messy at times. We do a couple of things - keep the pants area trimmed regularly, particularly round the 'exit' (gross, eh?) Also, we feed a VERY high quality food - good food reduces waste considerably, and the small amount of stool tends to be firm.

A healthy dog should not smell, and Aussies are no exception.

Hope this helps!


by: Anonymous

My aussie is very clean and hardly ever smells. However, if she has a loose stool I have to clean her back end with dog shampoo/hose. You just have to check for that and also I found hard stool deep in her fur! But overall, she is the cleanest dog I have every had. It's my lab that is stinky all the time!

Non-stinky boy
by: Cathy

I have a 11 week old Aussie who is constantly in the creek next to my house. He is also an inside-dog! I have noticed once he licks himself dry and dries off on the towel provided he looks clean. I don't want to over-do-it by bathing him daily but I do have to bath him at least 2X per week! Is that excessive and will that hurt his skin (making him dry)? I use Baby Shampoo as directed by his veterinarian. Any thoughts? Also, he weighs 22 lbs.! He seems like a whopper! Is that normal for a puppy his age and breed?

Anal Glands
by: Anonymous

Does he smell like fish at all? Sometimes, when they don't have enough solid poos, their anal glands start to get bothered, and they just need to be extracted.

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