Itchy Skin

by Jennifer
(Los Gatos, CA)

My Aussie wont stop scratching. We've changed her food, I give her fish oil pills, we use special shampoo, I've given her Benadryl. She is miserable and so are we. Help!!

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Itchy skin
by: Anonymous

This sounds like an allergy and a common culprit is grain in dry kibble (or perhaps even the processing used). Try switching her to a raw food diet and make sure that none of her treats etc. have grain in them either.

by: Anonymous

It sounds as if you have tried everything that a doctor would recommend before putting her on something else. I would make a vet appointment for her. There are several prescription medications out there that may be able to help her. Worst case scenario, have allergy testing done on her to find out what she is reacting to. They will be able to narrow it down for you and get her on an allergy serum to help her. Unfortunately, the testing is pretty expensive along with the allergy serum, but priceless to your poor, miserable little girl. Hope this helps.

Itchy Skin
by: Anonymous

Our Aussie had that too, and it turned out that she was allergic to the shampoo, so try switching to a special hypo-allergetic brand. Also, if you use Frontline monthly, that might be it. Our dog scratched like crazy every time we put it on her, so now we use Sentinel, which is this pill which our dog will eat with no problem if we stick it in a piece of cheese or something. Good luck!

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