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Jasper's Beach Vacation

by Todd Wynia
(Gilbert, AZ, USA)

Jasper spent more time in the air than any other dog we saw there

Jasper spent more time in the air than any other dog we saw there

Jasper is a 2 year old blue merle Australian Shepherd and he lives with my wife and me in the Phoenix, AZ area. To say Jasper has a high play drive is an understatement. And we frequently indulge his drive. Ball, frisbee, rope toy, or just chase are all games he lives for.

We decided to go for a vacation this summer where Jasper could join us so we drove to San Diego. After mornings of hiking, we hit the beach. This was Jasper's first beach or even playing in water experience for that matter. Chasing a ball into the ocean the first time freaked him out (for about 2 seconds). From then on he went from being a dry land desert rat from Phoenix to being a soaked surfer dude from San Diego. I guess we'll have to plan more trips to San Diego.

Comments for Jasper's Beach Vacation

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by: Jana

Yes, to say Jasper liked the beach is an understatement! I love the action photos especially the one in the water and the 'attack' pose :-)

Reply to Steve
by: Todd

Hi Steve. We stayed at an extended stay hotel. Most of them take dogs. We paid an extra $25 per night. Various chains have various policies. Some free, some charge. Just Google pet friendly hotels where ever you're going and you'll find a variety of choices. Jasper does fine in the car. He's a very casual traveler. He get's bored after a few hours and so do we. A quick break to stretch the legs and pee and we're good to go

Beautiful photos!
by: Cheryl from NZ

Your boy is lovely and shares that almost crazy play drive with my boy Casper. I never thought a herding breed would have such an affinity for water but they love it. Your Jasper is beautiful!

Where did you stay?
by: Steve

Did you stay at a pet-friendly place? If so what was it?
How did Jasper do on the long jorney?

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