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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Jenna The Australian Sausage

by Jessica

Austrailian Shephard Dachshund Mix

Austrailian Shephard Dachshund Mix

This is Jenna. She has brightened my whole world. Her dad is full blood blue merle Aussie, and her mom was a black and tan Dachshund. She mostly got her mom's looks, but from what I know about Aussie's she got her personality from her dad. :)

She is is my little shadow that won't let me out of her sight. She is very smart, but can be a bit stubborn. I think she has a touch of OCD sometimes as well. Her brother looks almost just like her and shows OCD tendencies as well. (When she goes outside, she only runs around the perimeter of the fence, and he picks his food pieces out of the bowl individually after noses it several times then eats...)

Anyways, the funniest thing about Jenna is she is SUPER protective!! Not in an aggressive way though... she CRIES whenever another dog tries to play with our cat, when any dogs start playing too rough, or when my husband and I play fight. She gets so upset!! She's the mama bear of the dog park for sure. It's so cute.

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Daussie Mix !
by: Anonymous

I also have a Daussie Mix. I actually have 2! Both were accidentally litters and I was lucky enough to catch both at the perfect time. Get this, the dad was the Miniature Dachshund and the mom is the Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. Check out my Instagram:) Always looking for more Daussies


Thanks Everyone!
by: Jessica Collins

Thanks for all the great comments :) It's so fun to hear about other Aussie's quirky similarities! She has definitely started eating her kibble bit by bit (unless there's water). That blue merle corky/sheltie sounds adorable!! Anything mixed with corgie is really cute. Usually looks like whatever it's bred with, but with a corgie body and feet.

the fun police
by: Beth

My Aussie also gets upset if anyone starts "horsing around." It seems as though she wants to stop all the fun, but I believe she just wants her "sheep" to get back in line.

Cool dog
by: Johnny G

That dog is soo awesome lol I love it!

The Australian Sausage
by: Anonymous

She is adorable. My aussie lays down and eats her food one nugget at a time unless you put water in it, then she stands up to eat. She does have some OCD tendencies. She walks around the perimeter of the property in the same direction. She is very territorial... kills everything in her path except for dogs. Otherwise, very sweet and loving!! Got to love those aussies!!!

Steely glint
by: Charles

She got the steely gaze from her daddy. She has a very alert countenance, which tells me you have an intelligent beast on your hands.

She is a cutey.

Jenna the Australian Sausage
by: Heidi

Wow, she is the cutest thing I have ever seen! My friend's mom has a sheltie/corgie mix that is blue merle. Adorable!

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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