Job For 13 Week Aussie

by angie
(Conover, NC )

What kind of job can I give my 13 week Aussie? We exercise her regularly and play a lot, but I know she would benefit from a job. Can she have a job at this age?

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ring the bell
by: Kat Rose

My "Rascal" rang the potty bell at 9 weeks old, I almost cried I was so thrilled. I got him on his 8th wk B.D. and I hadn't had a puppy in 10 years. He was in a playpen the first night when I woke up he was out of it and had tinkeled 3 times. Thought to myself this needs to be fixed right away. I ordered a tell bell online, while waiting for the order to arive, I attached some jingle bells to a ribbon and hung it on my coat rack. Always take your pup out the same door to potty, use a different door to go out to play if possible. ALWAYS ring the bell first before opening the door and say "ring the bell". He will quickly learn bell rings, door opens. After one week of this go to the door and tell him "ring the bell" he will. It's a cool thing to tell your friends your dog rings the bell to go potty plus it comes in handy when you're in another room. You can start tricks at any age. If doing agility your vet may say to wait a while since he is still growing and developing, you don't want him to get hurt. I tell people the 2 things to remember are you need to teach your dog English and you need to think like a dog. I only give treats when doing a trick and one bone at bedtime (no trick needed) ha,ha. Have fun with your new loved one!

Aussie Jobs
by: Anonymous

An Aussie's job does not have to be the typical jobs people think of for the breed (herding, agility etc.). Mine is a therapy dog & we listen to children read, he loves it! When I first got him he was happy learning the rules of the house & he has always loved learning new things, he even loved beginning obedience because he could learn to know what I wanted & figure out how to do it.

An Aussie is almost impossible to wear out physically (especially a young one) but if you can give them things to do with their brain it really helps to keep them from inventing their own games (like TP the back yard with the roll of paper they found in the bathroom).

Job for Aussie
by: Anonymous

At that age my puppy enjoyed an empty water bottle with kibble or a few treats inside (Lid left off). It is fun to watch them figure out how to get the treats out and makes them work a little for their food.

by: gayle--big run aussies

I agree that therapy work would be a great way to get your pup socialized now. You can take your pup to nursing homes with their permission, of course. Tricks are also fun to teach. You could start with a "wave". I always use a clicker. You would click and treat when her paw gets increasingly higher. There is a fantastic book by Kyra Sundance called "101 Dog Tricks". It breaks the trick down step by step. Have fun!

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