Jobs For An Aussie In Town?

by Kari

I have an Aussie but I live in town so it's difficult to give him the exercise and stimulation he needs, such as herding animals. We do have a backyard and I play with him and throw the ball a lot out there and I also take him for runs and walks. I want him to have some kind of job though so he would be more content... Any ideas?

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Re: Aussie Jobs
by: Kym

Even though you live in town, I'm sure that there are some 'training' facilities in your area. It doesn't necessarily have to be a hard core, physical, or intense job. Most of these training facilities offer: agility, flyball, tracking, dance, rally, and more including obedience (mental stimulation is good and tiring too) Look in your local phonebook and/or talk to friends to find a good local training facility in your area. Good luck and I hope this helps!

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Tricks training is great for Aussies. There are tricks training classes, but you can find info yourself, too. We always train with a clicker, so the girls learn lots of things that way. You can also do a search on clicker training. My girls do lots of tricks. For example, one of my dogs will go into a crate and the other will close the door. They wave hello, bow, roll over, speak, dance and so much more from clicker training. We also play hide and seek with a food container. They absolutely love that game. They do shows and demos at nursing homes. 2 of my girls are therapy dogs and the youngest one is in training. That's a great thing for Aussies to do in any town. There are programs at libraries with kids reading to dogs. You might check that out if your dog is kid friendly.

Jobs for Aussies
by: Anne

Agility, Frisbee catching, Obedience classes, Swims in a Lake or Pond near by, Take him to a dog park.

Do you think he isn't getting enough exercise? It sounds like he is and his job is to be your companion, the way it sounds for your walks & runs.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

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