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Our Aussie is 7 months old. He has been through level 1 and 2 of obedience training and is learning a lot. I am the person who works with him the most. He has a bad behavior of jumping on me and biting either my clothes or me.

We have tried numerous techniques which so far have not worked to correct such as spraying with vinegar, kneeing, shock collar, etc. I must be doing something wrong but so far have not figured it out. Do you have any suggestions?

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Jumping/ Biting
by: Anonymous

Turn your back and ignore behaviour works for mine or when she becomes super aroused and "crazy" I use a loud "0uw" to break through the crazies then some basic commands, sit, down, stand etc. to refocus. However all dogs are different and different techniques work for different dogs. Not to mention yours is at age where they still suffer from "puppy brain".

Doggy Dan
by: Anonymous

Try Doggy Dan

Genetics and Dominance
by: Anonymous

So long as your dog has a reputable breeder....

You must assert dominance over shepherds or they will run you over.

Jumping & Biting is showing you absolutely zero respect. Everytime he nips, get on the ground with him, flip him on his back, put your hand on his chest, look him in the eyes, and say with a deep firm but calm voice... NO.

I've had to do this with nearly every border collie and Aussie I've owned...

This is how dominate dogs deal with dogs out of line in the wile.. they require submission..

There is absolutely no violence in doing this..

Aussies are so headstrong.. they were bred to be dominate and control stock.. biting you.. he deems you under HIS control..

This can progress to biting children and that can't happen so YOU need to nip this in the butt ASAP. Dog most learn humans are NOT his stock.

Aussie puppyness
by: Anonymous

This is so common in Aussie puppies! My 1yr old male is just getting the message about not jumping up on people, it has been hard work getting here! Won't do it to me anymore, I squeeze his paws just a bit and pull on them until he struggles, just so he feels uncomfortable, not to hurt him. He thinks twice about it afterward. Re biting, I deflect him with a toy or tug rope. Enforce the No Bite rule as well, you will get there!

Avoid the Alpha Roll
by: Anonymous

Regarding the alpha roll, please do not do that. The roll was developed based on a very small study of wolves in captivity, and does not reflect how they would actually behave. In the wild, if a dog or a wolf flips and restrains another, it is usually with the intent to harm. Alpha rolling your puppy will teach him that you are unstable and to be feared, and at some point he may bit you out of perceived self-defense.

Nipping (e.g. the example of lightly squeezing paws) or growling (e.g. loudly saying "Ouch!") are methods used by mother dogs and other dogs in a pack to correct puppies.

Shock collar
by: Anonymous

Please don't use a shock collar. It can make your pup become aggressive. Positive reinforcement and redirection are two ways to get your pup to stop. Try playing "find it" with some favorite treats.

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