Jumping Up on Me and My Son

by Nancy

My 5 month old female Miniature Aussie is driving me crazy jumping up on me and my son. I say no, i push her off and say no, I get the fly swat after her but nothing works. Any suggestions? And before anybody says anything about the flyswat I barely tap her with it.

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No More Flyswatter
by: Ontario, Canada

This is an easy behavior to correct and as with anything it requires consistency from all family members. You can generally see when your dog is ready to jump up so turn your back and walk away from her; do not make any eye contact or say anything. By ignoring her you are saying if you jump up you get nothing from me, when she settles down and stops jumping then you then can reward her by getting down to her level and praising her. Calm praise and stroking her; you do not want to get her all pumped up again. You can also give her another job to do rather than jumping up; tell her to go sit and always reward the positive behavior. Another option is to say ‘off’ in a firm voice and turn your back on her until she has all 4-paws on the floor; turn around and praise ‘good off’ in a calm voice. You need to establish yourself as the alpha of the pack so never step backwards as you. My rule at home is no reward unless there are 4-on the floor. Remind family and friends on how to handle the jumping up; and address it each time so you are not giving her conflicting information that it is OK sometimes and not others.

Loose the flyswatter as this is negative attention and could create a negative response. You invited this puppy into your life/family so let’s set her up for success and do our part. I took my Aussie to training and can attest that this was the best money I have ever spent and it is true that we as well need to learn to be a good 'dog handler'.

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

The pushing off is making the jumping a game. She likes it. She wants your attention and she is getting it for being bad. The best thing is to turn your back on her and totally ignore her when she is jumping. Make her sit and then give her attention. It may take her a while to figure this out, but it is a much better game than jumping. My girls are terrified of flyswatters and no one has EVER threatened them with one. That's a game, too.

Jumping up on me
by: Anonymous

Years ago I was told about a method that could work. I have used it and it does work well without hurting your dog. When your dog jumps on you, take both front paws in your hands and just hold them... not picking your dog up with her paws, just hold them up where she has jumped on you. She won't like it and will try to pull away. Just hold them gently, not to hurt her in any way. I've had dogs just stand there for a while and when they get tired of that they will try to pull away. Some will immediately start to nibble at your hand to try to make you let go... just hold on until she is getting really "worried"... not to stress her, let her go. You and your son can do this every time she jumps on you. Aussies are very bright, as you must know and she will catch on in a hurry. Don't do anything that is painful or will stress her out. Just do it every time she jumps on you. Good luck.

Thanks ya'll
by: Nancy

I have tried the turning away but I will admit im not consistant because when i get home from work and shes so happy and Im so happy I let her jump on me. As of today I will not do that anymore. Love it... She grins so big also when I get home. But the jumping up has got to stop so today is a new day. Thanks you all

claim your space
by: Anonymous

my trainer (who uses her dogs for sheep-herding) says the dog is trying to claim your space. Our instinct was to back away and let her "fall" , but she said that was giving up your space to the dog. She told us to walk TOWARDS the dog when he jumps up which will throw him off balance. You are telling him to not invade your space. Then give the sit command and only pet and give attention when he sits.

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