Jumping Up On People

by Lynn Roberge
(Manchester, NH)

I have an Australian Shepherd dog, who insists on jumping up on people... How can I train her not to jump up on people and be calmer?

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I agree
by: Vivian

My mini aussie does the same thing. Although, he will listen to my husband sometimes, he seems to get so excited when a new person comes over or visits again.

jumping up
by: Anonymous

There are several things you can do. One put your knee up exactly when your dog is jumping into you, this will not harm him but he will not like it. This really has to be synchronized because if he figures out where the uncomfortable filling comes from, he will learn how to avoid it. One other thing, when he comes up to you, just turn around and ignore him, or better yet, walk towards him and invade his space. NEVER use your hands or arms to put him away because this becomes a game to them and it is also a way to pet them. This will take some time, but if you are constant and tell your visitors to do the same, he will catch up fast. AUSSIES are really smart and they love to be with people and make us happy. Hope this works for you. Good luck.

Obedience class for sure!
by: Anonymous

Aussies are such intelligent dogs, if they know you are alpha dog it is less of a problem. I suggest starting an obedience class with them, it will make them less jumpy and also deepen your bond with them, as well as getting a well behaved family member! Also, in the meantime, I suggest putting your knee up when they jump on you, and also say off, keep it synchonized. If they relate jumping on you to a bad activity, by hearing you say off, they are less likely to do it. Aussies would much rather please you than get into trouble!

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