Jumping Up

by David and Linda
(Saskatchewan, Canada)

We have a persistent problem of our Aussie jumping up to greet or just to get our attention. Turning our backs works but only temporarily. Voice or hand commands only incite a more aggressive response. We are loathe to strike the dog to insist obedience partly because it is wrong and partly because that will just raise the stakes to behave even more aggressive.

Walking the dog on leash is impossible as he just wants to jump up constantly as we walk.

He is a headstrong male, my wife has seemed to have become alpha, me a little lower down the scale.

We are rural and there is no obedience training anywhere nearby. We are following on-line training courses and any help we can get anywhere.

Visitors just make him ballistic. We have to kennel him when anyone comes but he makes up for his "loss?" after they go and we let him out.

This dog is very smart and likes to tease us by misbehaving, like running away with a towel or the newspaper.

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by: Annonymus

Hi, I was a trainer for a bit and still train on the side because I love doing it. I particularly like to train them for therapy use. So lets see if I can get you in the right direction.

First thing you need to immediately do is go buy a head collar. I recommend one called the gentle leader. This collar works so well a small child can control the dog when using the gentle leader. This head collar establishes dominance over the dog when it is on. He will flail when you first put it on. Just pull up and hold until he quits struggling. Same if he tries to use his paws to take it off his nose. So lets talk about your specific problems.

Walking: The gentle leader does the job for you. If the dog tries to jump or pull the head collar will actually pull their head around rather than pull you. This will solve that problem just by using the head collar.

Visitors: By putting him in his crate you are only containing the behavior temporarily instead of correcting it. This may be annoying but very necessary. Put the head collar on if you know someone is coming over. Upon arrival you need to have a place where your dog knows he is to not enter (entry tile at the door). The leash with the gentle leader on the dog, when the door is knocked on and he begins to go crazy pull up on the leash with a corrective no or ah ah. Remember this is establishing dominance and he will resist it for awhile because it sounds like right now he runs the show and he knows it. Do not open the door until your dog is sitting and waiting in one spot. If the dog enters the tile area close the door on your guest and start over. The dog should sit there until you give a release word then the greet should be appropriate (no jumping or barking). If they jump during the greet use the head collar to keep them back and pull up and ask your guest not to acknowledge the dog until he is not jumping or barking. Treat and lots of praise and love for doing well.

Lastly, I would say if you are not walking the dog or giving the dog something to do an Aussie will find something to do and as you see he uses his intelligence to antagonize you and have bad behaviors. Aussies want to be involved with you they are very loyal to their owners, as much as you can make them feel involved.

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