Just How Active Is Active For An Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix?

We recently adopted an Australian Shepherd Poodle mix. I've read a lot about the mix as well as Aussies in general, and again and again, keep seeing how incredibly active they need to be. Some sources say 2+ hours of vigorous exercise daily.

We are an active family, have two young boys, a fenced yard, and I like to go for walks. But life is busy and we live in the Midwest, so tons of activity may be difficult in the winter when it's well below freezing and gets dark at 5 pm. We will also be out of the house for the majority of a school/work day 2x a week.

Right now we're handling the puppy energy & craziness, plus its summer, so much easier to get out and exercise. But I'm wondering just how much exercise she'll realistically need as an adult. She seems like she may be on the slightly calmer side based on what I've seen so far but who knows.

How much activity do you provide your adult dog on a daily basis and how does it affect them if there are days when you can't?


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Take turns?
by: Anonymous

Could you and your family set up a daily schedule with everyone doing a different activity? Does your dog like snow? You might have fun making tunnels and throwing snowballs with your dog. My dog loves playing in the snow. Even when we're buried in 3ft (and up) of snow in WNY.

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