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Kai's Holiday Letter 2009

by Caroline Mitchell
(Pittsburgh, PA)

News from Kai

News from Kai

My name is Kai, 1 1/2 year old red tri female, and I am out of the Taylormade kennel in Linesville Pa. Kai means 'water' in hawaiian and when I was a mere puppy I went straight into the lake to swim at age 12 weeks. I also love diving off docks or into bathtubs or lakes. I have my CGC and am in training to be a therapy dog. One of my favorite tricks is called gravity ball and involves my running to the top of the staircase with one of my numerous balls, then throwing it down the steps. Then I race to the bottom and catch it , and race back up the steps to throw it again.

Another favorite game is 'briefcase' which is frowned upon by my people as it involves carefully entering my nose into their various briefcase pockets to search out stray apples, cheese, breakfast bars, teabags etc. which I then eat. The game of briefcase is more difficult for me as I have to carefully remove all those human items like little notebooks, cell phones, wallets, papers, receipts etc to get at the tasty stuff. my people don't like briefcase at all but it is my job to carefully inspect all packages etc just like a personal TSA for the home.

In the summer time I take my people hiking, sailing and bike riding though I do wish they would go a little faster. I also golf in the summer by finding a lot of white balls on the course by my house. I cannot keep them if they are owned by people, instead I alert the errant golfer to a ball hidden in weeds etc. They have been quite grateful to me as I am very expert at finding their lost balls. If it is late in the day with no golfers around, we get to keep the balls. My chief interest in life continues to be food, although I do divert for rally obedience, tracking and agility.

I am sending you my Christmas Letter that I hope you will enjoy and treasure. It has been a fine year and I understand that I will be getting some special Flint River Ranch trout and potato natural food in the new year. Cant be too careful about those BPAs...

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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