Keeping My Aussie Busy?

by Lisa G
(Western NC)

My Aussie is 8 months old and I could really use some (lots) of advice on keeping her occupied. 😧 She and I spend at least an hour a day at the park, where she vigorously retrieves chuck-it balls. We take walks too. But...she wants my attention 24/7 😩 And as of right now I have a tunnel that's halfway to China, in my front yard. (She's been a busy digger.😱)

I've bought numerous puzzle toys, treat dispensers, etc. You know the ones that say "keeps your dog occupied for hours" try 2 minutes, tops. They need a disclaimer on the box that EXCLUDES Aussies! So how do I keep her entertained? Oh, and right now she's outside robustly barking at phantom intruders. πŸ™‰

I'm a single Aussie mom, so there's no one around to "share the load." It's Nov. and training classes (agility etc.) aren't available. I've been reading everyone's posts and I'm 90% sure that she needs a little brother. I'm in a little town in Western NC where "pit" bulls are the norm, and Aussies are hard to come by. Yes, I've checked Aussie rescues in 3 bordering states, nada. πŸ‘Ž

As far as her energy level, the closest I can come to at nearby shelters is a wiry terrier mix. I have the fenced in yard, doggy door etc. I'm just worried how she'll react to a newcomer (she loves other dogs and shares her toys) but she's VERY sensitive. 😳 Who'd a thought that? 😜

and thanks 😊

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by: Tom

If you get another dog you should take yours and meet at a neutral spot away from your home so your Aussie doesn't feel as the other animal is there to replace her and she won't become aggressive towards the other dog.

Thank You
by: Lisa G

I'll do thatπŸ˜€

Make her a busy girl
by: Karin

What a sweet dog, she looks realy cleaver!
As I understand youre dog get the exercise she needs everyday, but probebly she needs to work her brain a bit more, and feel she got some job to do. Here is some tips (if you havent already tried them) in what you can do when there is no agility classes etc availible:

Practise some tricks 10 minutes everyday, in the afternoon or before dinner!
When my dog was in that age she learned rollover, bow, paws up , high five, playing dead. If she already know those you can make it more advance. There is a lot of films on yutube where you can find inspiration. Its a never ending story. My dog is three and a half and we stil working on new ones. You can use a clicker, me myself is not so god at that, so I just use my voice. You can also learn some basic obedience this way.
Just make it fun and do it a little at the time. Doestn't matter what she learns just she learns something new. You just need the dog to be a bit hungry and give here some god reward. Make shore she knows she is a good dog.
Then when you are in the park playing with the ball, you can ask her to do a trick she already learned to earn it. That will drain her energy much more than just to fetch.

When you take youre walks, go to new places . I dont know where you live , but if you live in a countryside you can go to the city and hang out. Let her smell some new enviroment, go on a bus, walk over a bridge etc. Or if she is use to town, go to rhe countryside and look at the cows.

When you take youre walks you can also stop somewhere and hide something.
Ask youre dog to stay. If she has not learned that yet, leach her at a tree etc. Go hide something, maybe youre glove or a toy that she likes. Ask her to go find it. Start easy and then make it more advance. When she comes back- be happy and give her a revard when she gives it to you. Like playing with the toy or give her a treat.

And then- most importent ( and difficult) of it al- praktice the "al-done"- command.
Witch means- when you finish youre playsession, come home from youre walk etc, ask the dog to do nothing! Aussies has an off-swich , but you have to find it.
I found out the best way is to be calm myself. And to have routines, just like with small children.
I found a lot of these good advice on this community in " training youre Aussie"
That helped a lot when my girl was in that age.

I also like Zak George. He got a lot of films on youtube that I got realy god ideas from about what you can play with/ learn youre dog.Maybe you can check it out while youre girl is practising to do nothing.

Hope you understand my terrible english and that some of this may help you!

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