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Kimba, Our First

by Rebecca Hayes
(Newtown Square, PA, USA)

Kimba came to us by airplane from South Carolina to New Jersey. Our Mixed Sheltie, Nuffin, had died at 17 years old and we were suffering empty nest syndrome. When a workshop leader came to our school and showed us a picture of an Aussie pup he had for sale, it looked so much like our black-tri Nuffin, that I knew I had to buy her. The price was right and the leader/breeder agreed to send her by plane, if we would agree to buy the flight kennel.

We met our Aussie's flight and had to wait 1-1/2 hours to have her unloaded. Meanwhile, as only an anxious mother would, I frequented the airline desk, asking, "Is the puppy warm enough? Does she have enough water? Are you sure she's alright? Would you check on her for me?" etc. With each positive answer, I returned to my car, praying the pup would survive the ordeal of a trip.

Finally the attendant brought out the kennel. We were going to take the puppy home in the kennel, but when I opened the door and she climbed into my arms, I knew that was where she would stay for the rest of the trip home.

We named the puppy, Kimba. She was a loveable, black-tri member of our family who was an instant success at everything except obedience training. She graded 35 out of 100 in training because she never wanted to leave our side. As long as there was a family member present, she was content.

Indeed, she went everywhere with us and was as attached to our grown children as she was to me and my husband. She knew she belonged as much as they did. She lived with my daughter while we traveled to Arizona to find a home in retirement. Her first experience flying must have stayed with her because when we went back to NJ to take her to Arizona several months later, Kimba went into her kennel willingly, without fanfare, and greeted us joyfully as we picked her up from the claim area. We flew back and forth twice more during her lifetime. At one time we experienced a flight delay and gate change in Chicago. I refused to board our flight until I saw Kimba's kennel safely boarded onto our transferred plane. All the passengers wanted to see the dog that aroused such loyalty in her owner. I can only say, I was returning the loyalty she had given to us over the years.

When Kimba died, we knew we would never have anything but another Aussie. Kimba convinced us that Australian Shepherds would always be our best friends.

And that will be my next story.

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Kimba, our 1st
by: Anne

What an amazing story...she was a very lucky girl!
Thanks for sharing your story.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Nonnie

What a moving story! I am so glad you have Nuffin and then Kimba. I hope that you will find the perfect Aussie for your family soon.

We had a toy Aussie who developed a gastrointestinal hemorrhage around 11:00 one night. I put her to bed in her kennel at 9:00 p.m. We went to bed around 10:00. At 11:00 my husband woke me up saying that Carly was vomiting and had diarrhea with blood. I had to literally pull her out of her kennel with the towel she was laying on.

My husband held her while I threw on something to wear. We rushed her to the Vet ER clinic. They diagnosed her and felt they had a somewhat of a good chance of getting this stopped. Within about 45 minutes later they came back to us to say her condition was worsening quickly. The chances for her survival were less than 30%.

We had no choice at that point to have her put to sleep. They could not even lessen the flow of blood, much less stop it. They brought her into a room and let us pet her and talk to her while they administered the drugs. At 2:03 am. she was dead. I cried for weeks, almost all the time.

We wanted another Aussie, but not really soon. A month or so later, I began to look for a breeder, just to get an idea of someone we could contact in a few months or so. I made contact with a breeder that was about 4.5 hours from our house. She invited us to come see her puppies, even if we decided not to get one ever.

We did. And put a deposit on the most beautiful female blue merle with blue eyes. We brought her home at 11 weeks. A month later, we also got her half-sister, who is a black try , with brown eyes.

I hope you will find that special Aussie just for you! Until then I will keep you in my prayers.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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