Lack Of Appetite, Teething, 4 Month Old Red-Tri

by Moneia

Hello Everyone, For the last 3 days my dog Tiller, hasn't shown any real interest in her food. On Saturday night she ate a whole bowl of kibble from another dog's dish that caused dark green diarrhea Sunday morning. Ever since then she hasn't been eating. I tried giving her boiled chicken Monday night and she did eat that but won't touch it now. Her regular routine just changed up as well. Has anyone experienced anything like this, should I go to the vet or is this just a lot going on at once for my little one.

Any help is appreciated! I'm just a worried new dog mom.

Thank you!

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See a vet
by: Neil Coy

I know vets are expensive in some areas but in general, I say when there is any doubt use the vet. The pain and suffering from any malady that you may blame yourself for is more expensive.

by: Anonymous

Has she had all of her vaccines? You need to take her to the vet ASAP!

by: Anonymous

Update: Everything’s back to normal! Thank you all for your concerns

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