Lazy Or Problem?

by Ava

Charlie and Jack

Charlie and Jack

My 4 year old Aussie has started laying around all day watching everything with sad eyes. He does get up and play, usually in the evening with our 1 year old Aussie. Last vet check he was healthy, is this normal as Aussies age. Don't get me wrong as soon as the dog next door barks Charlie is ready to run.

Maybe I am use to our 1 year old, Jackson, who never sits still. Big contrast between the 2...

What is typical behaviour for a 4 yr old Aussie?

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

I have exactly the same situation in my home. I have Molly who just turned 4 and Bryn who just turned 1. Molly is very laid back and just likes to sit in laps and cuddle. Bryn is very busy. They are actually sisters and have very different personalities. Their mom, Sera, goes out to run and play with Bryn, while Molly stays in the house with me. Molly and Bryn do like to play as you described, but is much more quiet compared with Bryn. I believe your 2 Aussies just have different personalities. And don't forget that most Aussies don't grow up until they are at least 3.

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by: Anonymous

He may be content just to stay home and watch the little one. Maybe he has fatherly instincts. He sounds like he's fine, but if he stops getting up or barking when other dogs or people come around, then I'd have him checked.

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