Leads, Harness, Collars... Oh My?!

by Jeanette

I'm struggling finding the best harness for my Aussies. I've tried a traditional harness but quickly found with their breed it just encourages pulling. We then moved to a gentle leader style but I feel I don't have much control when they become excited on walks. Any suggestions on what I should try next to make our walks more enjoyable?

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Leads, Harness, Collars.
by: Anonymous

Look for HALTI products. They are the best and do not harm your dog!
Good Luck.

by: Dede

My new Aussie is 2 and was not walked at his previous residence, but she said he pulls. He pulls like a train. The Halti head collar works to slow him, but I'm wondering if he could ever learn to just walk along and sniff around sometimes like my other Aussie. Of course he gets to go like lightening on his own but even 45 mins. of that does not make him "normal" on the leash. I did the thing with the chain and the treats, He is able to tune in to that but his default drive is pull. What really mystifies me is that he is so sensitive, sweet, intelligent and precise when he is not going at blast rate.

Gentle leader
by: Devery

I bought gentle leader because the dog trainer told me that it would have a better effect on my Aussie pup and it works like a charm. He does not pull like before with the martingale collar and is learning to heel using treats and encouragement.

the easy walk harness
by: Anonymous

There is a different type of harness called the "easy walk" with the ring to hook the harness on the dog's chest, not the back. I learned about it at a class taught by our local humane society..this is the only way I can hang on if my "Aussie" bandit, decides to take off after a squirrel, or just go a little crazy...

This ring on the chest pulls the dog to the right or left when they pull, making it impossible to pull, so they stop trying... it's wonderful and amazing, and looks just like your dog is just wearing a harness.

Pull control
by: Dede

Now I use both the Halti with a cotton lead and the traditional choke chain with a wider colored lead so I can see and feel the difference, just as you would do if you ride, sometimes you have double reins, but in this case, the Halti is light contact and the choke is for real control. The Halti lead is shorter so the choke is loose. I'm walking 2 dogs, the other Aussie doesn't pull, but they both chase cars while I'm walking them and they pulled me down in the street, so fast, so hard, I had to get organized. I never jerk the Halti, just the choke. The puller, Cyrus, is starting to get the idea that he can have a quality walk if he moderates himself.

fitting gentle leader on aussie pup?
by: Cindysama

Hi Folks!

So I just got a Gentle Leader (trainer recommendation) for our 13-14 week Aussie pup. My problem is that he's so fuzzy, we have a hard time telling whether the neck strap is correctly adjusted.

I just thought I had it, but then the nose strap was too loose and he got it off during our "walk" (really repeated efforts to hurl himself onto the grass, plants, anything that would help him get this thing off his face) :)

He was still leashed, of course, but man we're having a hard time fitting this on our little guy.

He definitely needs it, he's a handful!


2 month old pup
by: Pippa

I have my little puppy on a 8 ft tether til she is house trained .but she will go full speed to the end of it when she sees my other dog. I am afraid it will hurt her trachea. She goes with such force. Thinking of getting a harness but she is all fur! Any suggestions please?

walking a puller
by: Dede

Halti was the best. I also got the IQ Dogtra electric collar which allows of many choices in communication, from "page" (a little sound signal), to "nick" (light quick shock), and also shocks at different levels all the way up to stopping a carchaser in full flight after an SUV with a German Shepherd barking out the window. One dog I had to find a home for, as he was too much of a fireball, very minute he wasn't asleep. He was so lovable,too, but bred for cattle. He was incorrigible. Otherwise, since they are so wonderfully intelligent, they totally get it, if you can just communicate what exactly you want. That's where judicious use of the electric collar comes in.

Halti Works Miracles!
by: Anonymous

A Halti was suggested to me by a trainer. Oh my! What an instant fix for the pulling and tugging, literally jerking my arm out of the socket kind of walking. As soon as I put it on Stella, she just knew that the nonsense was over. It works like a horse bridle. Lead from the side with a slight jerk on the leash. Safety clip that hooks to your dog's neck collar. It really is a game changer. I now can walk my Aussie girl without dreading the time spent. No fighting. no scolding. Lots and lots of praising!!!!! Do try Halti. Other brands I cannot attest to, as I bought the Halti as per the trainer's recommendation.

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