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Leaving Aussies Outside While At Work

We have a 5 month old Aussie and have been keeping him in a kennel while at work. We usually work opposite schedules, so it’s usually no more than a few hours at a time. This upcoming month, however, our schedules are pretty similar which will create some long stretches for the puppy to be alone. We are considering hiring a walker to come by on those days, but we have discussed another option.

Is it okay to leave an Aussie out in a securely fenced yard during the day? He would have food, toys, and shade. We would let him back in as soon as we get home. It would never be for more than 8 hours. I feel like this is a better alternative to the kennel, but after doing some research, it seems the Internet is torn on the issue. I figured I’d try a website specifically for my breed for input. Leaving him alone in the house is not an option currently as he’s still training.

He’s so energetic, so leaving him in the kennel for log stretches worries me...even with a walker coming by.


Thanks in advance.

Comments for Leaving Aussies Outside While At Work

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Uh, No.
by: Anonymous

I grew up with farm dogs who had free roam of our 350 acres. They had access to a barn and outbuildings for shelter and an unlimited supply of fresh water from creeks and livestock tanks. We lost several dogs to livestock injuries, wild animals and car strikes. Now more enlightened, I would never leave a puppy penned in a yard. Aussies, in particular, are known for slipping out of enclosures. Bored, lonely, maybe even scared puppies are not candidates for being left alone. How do your neighbors feel about a dog barking for hours? Every time they go out to enjoy their property, your pup will be crying and barking for attention. Would you put a pre-schooler out in the yard for hours at a time unsupervised? That's what a 5 month old puppy is. Maybe you're not ready to have a puppy. It's ok to admit that and find a suitable home. Raising puppies is a lot harder and requires much more time, commitment, and money than most people realize. Good luck.

Aussies need nature time outdoors
by: Anonymous

I have always allowed my dogs to have access to a secured outside area while I am at work. I just made sure they had plenty of water, food, protection from the elements. I came home to messy fur but happy dogs. The dog year area got a beating, but once they mature it eases up.

Aussie left outside
by: Anonymous

I would never have considered leaving my pup outside alone for long periods, there would be too many opportunities for bad habits, like excessive barking, digging and eating whatever they find. If you have a walker coming in that will provide a good break for your pup. I had an X-pen for mine at that age, so there was room to move around and play. Even better if there is one big puppy proof area you can block off.

by: Anonymous

awfully rude from the first commenter, but I appreciate the responses from the other 2. I’ve seen very mixed responses across the Internet, so some insight from actual Aussie owners is appreciated. I’ve heard good and bad from both sides, so I guess it’s just dependent on the situation.

by: Anonymous

I think that this is one of those things that is "fine until it isn't." Some people have had great experiences, and it works for them. Some have had bad experiences or heard things and would never do it. Some things to consider though: is your yard truly secure (if puppy digs or jumps the answer is "no"), are you on good terms with your neighbors so they can tell you if your puppy starts barking a lot, would proper shelter be provided, are you willing to deal with any consequences (sometimes being primarily outdoors causes potty training to regress since they just go whenever/wherever), are there people in your neighborhood who would take or poison a dog (people are sick, and some steal purebreds for breeding or resale). Just some things to consider about your individual situation.

by: Anonymous

I feel so bad for your puppy. Not trying to be mean but wow! There is nothing wrong with outside but for several hours? By himself? Nope no way! That is cruel It will not be good if you leave this baby alone for hours Do you not understand having an Aussie is like having a child? It is clear you dont understand how to be an Aussie owner. Commitment and time is very important.and you have neither. poor dog :( I still cant believe you keep him in a kennel. Does he get plenty of exercise? I am so sad for your dog. wow smh

Not outside
by: Anonymous

I think this depends on where you live. I would never leave my dogs out when I’m gone. We are completely fenced in with a 2 acre space. But these dogs can get into trouble, digging, eating, barking, climbing fences etc. not to mention I’ve heard horror stories of people killing dogs while fenced in. I am home most of the time but when we go out they are in the house where they’re in their comfort zone. If gone for 8 hours we have a dedicated dog care giver who takes care of their needs.
Every situation is different but leaving my dogs outside would never be my first option.

I would
by: Anonymous

We leave our girl outside all day and she is free to roam. I couldn't keep her penned up. I know that she is at risk for car hits and things, but I guess we all just do our best, with how we feel. We all love our dogs and I know you do so just do what you feel.

Outside is fine depending on the dog's habits
by: Brayden

To all you people hating on this person about opinions for what to do, y’all are ridiculous! I leave my shepherd outside while at work (depending on weather and temperature) and he’s fine. Aussies are way happier running around playing for hours than being locked up.

Leaving Aussies outside
by: Anonymous

I have an almost 2 year old Aussie that doesn't mind a 4 hours being locked up in a kennel. Longer periods cause him to pee in his kennel. He is house trained but can't leave him in the house alone. He is destructive. Been there and won't do it again. I don't have an option for someone to let him out during the workweek. So I tried an outside venture for 8+ hours. He seemed to do ok. No digging, had plenty of toys, a fan and tons of shade and water. He has 3100+ Sq feet of fenced in space and a neighbor dog to bark at. Needless to say, he is a typical needy Aussie. Experiment is ongoing.

by: Anonymous

Please DISMISS the negative comments. I don’t understand why they even bother leaving a comment! I think it’s great that you are reaching out for ENCOURAGEMENT and clarifying some options for you "kids" puppy.

I would encourage to kennel train up to 4 hours at a time and eventually they will tolerate longer. After 2 years I can trust my Aussie out of kennel overnight but do not trust her all day when gone. We have large outdoor kennels that are placed under shade and we use a bark collar that vibrates if she barks and has been super successful with managing barking. We also freeze treats and place them in her outdoor kennel to give her something to do. Of course if the weather is iffy, we leave inside and check on her at lunch. We also have another dog beside her kennel in his own large outdoor kennel.

Keep asking great questions and DELETE the negative comments! We all are learning from one other.

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