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Lesions On Miniature Australian Shepherd's Lips

by Courtnie
(Carson City, NV)

Hello, I have a 10-year-old Mini Australian Shepherd (Maya). In early August she had a raised red bump on her nose/upper lip that turned into about 5-6 more bumps. They are red, inflamed but don't ooze or pop. I took her to the vet and he did a fine needle aspiration and said that he got nothing but blood from them and didn't see anything suspect under a microscope. He prescribed her a low dose of prednisone for 2 weeks and then I had a follow up appointment.

When I went back 3 weeks later, the lesions had gone down substantially but you could still see a couple in their late stages. The vet was very surprised that she still had any present because the prednisone "should have zapped them immediately."

This made me think that maybe the prednisone didn't do anything and they had healed on their own? Anyways, they went away completely and she was free of them for about 4 weeks. Now they have come back and are worse this time.

Has anyone seen this and have an idea what it is and how I can help her? They don't seem to bother her too much, she is eating and drinking normally. She doesn't really want me to touch them but I don't blame her.


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Saying this since the vet said they don't know
by: Anonymous

Since the vet did some tests and didn't find anything my guess is that it is nothing overly serious but the picture does look familiar since my cat once had something like this before.

It could be acne. Believe it or not dogs and cats do get acne, but not like humans, it comes up due to bacteria in their food/water bowls. My cat's disappeared when I changed their water bowls and cleaned the area twice daily for about 3 days. I think I used hydrogen peroxide to clean the area then applied some iodine to dry them out, but this was right under her chin so she wasn't able to lick it up so I wouldn't put iodine on your dog since their area is by the nose.
Ask your vet to make sure, maybe it will give them a light bulb moment.

Also, this is just for thought, if your vet still doesn't know what is wrong then maybe it would be best to go to another vet for a second opinion as maybe someone else has gone through this at a different clinic. Don't keep trying other drugs to see which one works without knowing what the problem even is, it could cause more harm than good in the long run.

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