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Long Legs On My Aussie Pup

by Tamara

I have an almost 6 month old blue merle Aussie girl who's legs appear to be growing disproportionate to her body? Since about 4.5 month old, her legs have been getting very long compared to her body.

She is 17" tall and weighs 23.7lbs, she is a standard Aussie and I would consider her petite. My last Aussie did not grow like that and I'm wondering if anyone has also experienced this type of growth?

The vets haven't said anything, except how much she has grown, of course all puppies do grow :-)

Tamara and PJ

Comments for Long Legs On My Aussie Pup

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by: Terri

That’s pretty normal. All 4 of mine went through that leggy stage. We jokingly call it the puppy ugly stage, all legs.

by: Tamara

Thanks Terry for your reply. I call my girl and ugly duckling aspiring to be a swan...LOL! and she will be, someday!

Tamara & PJ

closure of growth plates
by: Anonymous

If you are going to have her spayed, do consider delaying the spay until she is 18 to 24 months old. Do some research on the effects of spaying on the normal closure of growth plates.

by: Tamara

Thanks for the advice Anonymous, I agree though what I have read is at least one heat cycle. I am going to see how that goes, this will be a first for me, I was always told to spay them by 6 months.


Me too!
by: Anonymous

I have a Toy who is 4.5 months old and in the last week, her legs have grown, and that fluffy puppy fur is shedding. She went from cutest little thing to, what we’re referring to as her "awkward stage." We love her, even if she stays homely, but glad to hear that she’ll eventually fill out and grow into those legs!

Long Legged mini Aussie pup
by: Anonymous

I have a Mini Aussie, 5 months old, and her legs are so long I’m beginning to wonder if she is a Mini. Hoping she grows into her legs.

Long legs
by: Anonymous

I’ve been calling my lil guy daddy long legs. Strangers all comment about his long legs and he’s like a basketball player. He can jump! He’s also 6 months and I was so happy to read this because I’m relieved he’ll grow into the leg phase … not to mention he’s lost all his cute fluffy pup hair and friends think he got a hair cut, although it’s just his adult fur growing in. So many phases. He’s an ugly duckling for now. :)

My petite Aussie has long legs, too
by: Anonymous

My Aussie is 14 months old, 32 pounds and she measures 17" at the shoulder. I think her legs are long in proportion to a shorter torso. She is a FAST runner, and jumper. She outran a greyhound one time at the dog park. Like a machine that goes into overdrive pumping her legs as fast as she can. The greyhound looked like it was running in slow motion gallops. She runs faster than most dogs. She also did a 7 foot lateral jump.

Does anyone else have a fast running Aussie with long legs?

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