Looking for Aussie Toy

by Peggy Humbert
(Pensacola, FL)

Our Aussie is 1 year old and full of energy. We have a fenced yard. When I take him out to play, he may chase a ball two or three times but then decides to wander around and dig or something else. So he isn't using up the energy he has and winds up doing bad things. We have tried frisbee, different balls, kong, etc. Does anyone have a suggestion of a toy that he will love so much that he will run and play?

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3 Toys That My Aussie Adores!

My Aussie adores her

(1) Virtually Indestructible Ball By Hueter Toledo. 10" round hard plastic blue ball that is guaranteed for life. JAZZY bashes & chases it around for hours like she was inside a Pin Ball machine. Ball can be used inside & outside.

(2) KONGs are fun as well. I fill the large black Kong with peanut butter & freeze. I give it to JAZZY if I need to be gone for a few hours. Otherwise I jam a L.I.T. Dog Biscuit inside the Kong and we play "HIDE THE THING ...Hotter ..Colder"

(3) Flirt pole with lure: "Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole" model #V2 with Braided Fleece Lure -
It is a Durable Dog Toy for Fun Obedience Training & Exercise. JAZZY thinks this is a blast.

I used This Toy to reinforce commands: LEAVE IT, DROP IT, GET IT, FREEZE, FLIRT, JUMP. I found using the FLIRT POLE tires JAZZY out in 15 minutes. I use inside and outside.

I hope this helps.

JAZZY’s Mom. Cape Cod, MA

by: jcrply

I have all sorts of balls and a couple of soft frisbees. My Aussie also gets bored with them. I switch from one type toy to another during play. But the ones that she plays with the longest are empty plastic water bottles. The thin, noisy, crinkly ones are best. Also gallon size water or milk bottles work. She will chase and crunch and zoom around with any of these far longer than any toy I've purchased. The bigger, heavier ones are easier to throw, but all work well. You can even use a rope to tie two gallon size ones together for a different type toy.

Aussie toy...
by: Anonymous

A flirt pole is a great way to engage your dog, you can make one or buy one. We also have a jolly pet soccer ball that ours likes to herd around the yard. They are practically indestructible, and the only ball she can't destroy. Even with holes in The ball, it holds the ball shape. We also put out a kiddie pool for after play cool down.

Wobbly Ball
by: Anonymous

I bought my 6 month old Aussie a wobbly ball (amazon $10) and it keeps him occupied for at least an hour.

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