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Looking For Help With Australian Shepherd That Has Turned Vicious Toward Me

by Michael
(Mobile, Al)

My daughter has an Australian Shepherd. She lived with me last year and as a pup, I would play with him all the time and he was very loving. She moved away for about a year and just came back.

Now her dog is vicious toward me. He tries to bite me and charges me. Even if he is in the car and I walk toward the car he goes crazy. He is great around most people but if a guy has my build he goes crazy.

My daughter’s stepdad and I are about the same build and he did not like the dog and I’m thinking maybe he abused him and maybe her dog can’t tell the difference but I don’t know. I can’t have myself or friends getting bit.

I really enjoyed playing with him and would like to again but if it continues we will have to get rid of him. He is about 1 1/2 years old. We are in Mobile, Al and would prefer to give him to a good home if possible but our, and of course her, first choice is to keep him.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Tough love
by: Anonymous

You might need to muzzle him until you can gain his trust again. Has he been neutered? At his age, his testosterone is starting to rage. Even my very small mini or large toy sized male got vicious with the vet at his 2-year vet check and had to be muzzled. Since then, he has his moments of aggression with my husband and me, at which time we have a come to Jesus meeting with him. As Caesar the dog whisperer does, there are times that he just has to have a tough nudge to let him know that his behavior is not acceptable. Right now he is the dominant leader of the pack with you. You must get back that title from him with some tough love measures. If you’re not going to breed him, then I would consider the neutering too.

by: Anonymous

I agree with you that somebody with your build must have scared the dog and made him fearful. It sounds to me like he might be protecting his daughter from you. You need to regain his trust, a slow process. It would be good if you could work with a trainer. You’d be doing this dog a huge favour.
In the meantime don’t push him. Harsh treatment does NOT work with this breed, makes them worse. Sit near him, ignore him, throw him a treat once in a while. Get your daughter to be close to you, touch you with a happy voice so the dog knows that she accepts you. I dunno, hard to say without seeing the dog, but I’d say, get professional help.

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