Looking To Adopt A Shy 2 Year Old

Can you turn this around with hard work or is this something that can't be resolved?

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Re: shy dog
by: kym

I am happy to hear that you are looking to adopt an 'underdog' that requires special care and has special needs. MOST dogs are able to be rehabilitated and are able to become good members of society and great family dogs. However,there are some that do not fully come around or are able to trust humans. I guess the biggest thing is to find out why the dog is shy if possible. Some dogs are just born this way and no matter how much they are socialized or trained will always be this way. They would probably do best in a quiet, single home. A dog that has been abused,mistreated,or unsociallized usually come around with no baggage.I had a female aussie I adopted she came from a puppy mill then an abusive home. She was the most loving FAMILY dog ever AFTER many years of time and patience, but never able to be around strangers.

by: Anonymous

I had the same problem, here's what I did:

1. Take him every where with you
2. Carry treats with you at all times for the first couple weeks. Give him a treat when you walk by, when he looks at you, and when you say his name.
3. Have people pet your dog. Give them treats to give to your dog. This way he'll get used to people.
4. Take him to the dog park. Even if he hates it, he'll get used to it. Being around other dog owners will give you a sympathetic ear.

Your only problem will be to get him not to follow too close. They are so good.

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