Looking To Guess The Size Of An 8 Week Old Aussie Puppy

by Justin
(Halifax, Canada)

My wife and I are getting our Aussie pup on October 30th and we had planned to bring the pup out for Halloween with the kids. My question to all the Aussie owners out there is how big will she be at 8 weeks? We're looking for an estimated size measured from the collar to the base of where the tail begins. We want to get her a little puppy costume for the night and are unsure what size to order.

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Size of Puppy
by: Kym

It will be hard to tell how long she will be, but my concern is: If you are getting her the day before Halloween, this isnt a whole lot of time for her to adjust to her new surroundings or her new family. She will have gone through a lot her first day. Leaving her siblings for the first time, the travel to her new home, new people, new places..this can all be VERY overwhelming to a new puppy, even a well adjusted one. Not to mention, she will not be completely protected from disease at this age.
It makes me happy to know that you and your family plan to include her into your everyday lives, and really have her being a part of your family, this is what the breed thrives on. But maybe the following years would be better.
It would be terrible to traumatize her the first day you had her. Too many people, strange costumes,yelling,screaming,laughing kids,etc.
Please reconsider your plans for introducing your new family member. Give her a chance to become a confident, well socialized pet with MANY more years of confidence and family activities.
Best wishes to you and your family, and enjoy your new family member!

by: Anonymous

Honestly, that is sounding like a great way to scare your poor pup out of his skin, and to get an extremely skittish puppy. Puppies, especially around 8-12 weeks are still getting used to their new surroundings, and will get scared of normal things such as trash cans and gates, so taking him out on halloween would frustrate and frighten him, not to mention that he might not trust you as much afterwards.
On Halloween night, there will be tons of large, scary costumes, statues, loud noises, tons of people, fog, darkness, children who may not respect your dog, other, larger dogs, and basically would be a real live House of Terror for your puppy. (he might even be stepped on by a larger person!)
I would suggest not taking your pup out for Halloween, and instead taking him somewhere where things will be calm (like a basement) and putting him in crate with some soothing music to somewhat drown out the ringing doorbell and loud noises coming from outside. Good luck ( and I'm sorry I didn't answer you initial question, but being an Aussie owner for at least 20 yrs, I felt I had to warn you about the danger you were putting out for your poor pup) (also, I don't believe in dressing intelligent dogs like Aussies up)

Forget the size! Consider the germs your 8 week old will be exposed to!!!!
by: Anonymous

I'm am very sorry but you are subjecting your 8 week old getting diseases such as PARVO, before his vaccinations kick in! It's wonderful that you want to include your puppy in family events, but please listen to the community advice if you don't want to run a high risk of exposures to deadly germs and end up with a very expensive vet bill! Next Halloween would be ideal!

good grief
by: Anonymous

Wow, I am astonished that there are so many people who have to throw their 2-cents in. Either answer the questions, or mind your own business!!!!!

What’s more important - the dog or Halloween?
by: Anonymous

WOW Anonymous. People are just concerned for this poor puppy! It’s not about dressing them up! It’s about your puppy being happy. People aren’t answering the question as there are bigger issues like not being fully vaccinated and only having the poor thing a day! It won’t be lead/ collar, harness or costume trained so there’s no point even buying it if it’s all about dressing it up and I bet you’re only dressing it up and getting the puppy for attention if you don’t care about or even know that they aren’t fully vaccinated and that they need a few weeks to settle you really shouldn’t own a dog. Sorry

Not sure when this was originally asked?
by: Kalli

I actually clicked on the link because it is a couple weeks away (Aug 13, 2020 that I am asking), and I wanted to get a shirt that says I just got adopted for my new fur baby boy to come home in. If it isn't too much trouble can someone email me the answer? Much thanks during this time of quarantine.


Savin' pups
by: Anonymous

To the collar question: We're getting a mini, and our breeder said that the 8-11 inch size would be good.

To the person freaking out about everyone else not minding their own business... I'd much prefer someone to stick their nose in my business and give advice that could save my puppy's life than stay quiet. Just sayin...

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