Losing Weight, Yet Energetic

My 14 mo. old Aussie, male, is losing weight. He is full of energy, but has become picky with his food. Does not have diarrhea, but his stools seems smaller, he usually had very healthy poops. He has had stomach x-rays, blood work, etc. all negative, yet he is getting thinner, and I'm very worried.

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try this
by: Anonymous

for starters, you said that all the test came back negative, so that's good. you also said that although he is energetic, he has grown picky with his food(I wouldn't worry too much about the stool amount or size)so, my guess is perhaps he is tired of the same food, or it is not meeting his nutrionial needs.
Have you consider alternating foods? some people add other things to the food, such as yogart, or sweet pototoe, etc., others, just give him a totally different one for a while. (I would recommend first buying a sample or small bag, to be sure he likes it ) and try that. you do need him to eat, he's still young(and growing from within), and energetic, so his body may be asking for something more, or he may just be bored of the same old.
hope this helps, keep us posted. best to you

by: Nonnie

I know that yogurt is supposed to be really good for "good bacteria", but try a small amount first. We were using it for our Aussies who had diarrhea as we thought it would help. We ran out and didn't get to the store until the next afternoon. She had not had diarrhea for that whole day and we thought we were over the bridge.

The next morning ... diarrhea is back! No more yogurt!!!!!

It does really well with lots of dogs... just test it first. As the previous commenter said, try switching food or adding some fresh foods, small amounts, raw carrots, strawberries, peaches, bananas, green beans, popcorn for a snack, small bites of chicken breast, small bites of steak (we actually bring our doggie bags home for our dogs). We use several of these as training tools.

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