Loves To Read!

My 8 month old pup is very receptive to positive training and is an excellent student. But... she has always loved to take books, magazines and any paper from our coffee table and eat it! I can never catch her in the act but would love the use of the table again! She has the run of the house and our other dog and lots of toys and oodles of love so could not be bored.

I need some advice please as she has just chewed my library book!

Thanks. Pip

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by: Tammy

I think you need to give it time. She is still very young. I have an Aussie that is 5 and she will steal something off the coffee table every night and sometimes when I'm in the shower. She takes the items to the same spot in my bedroom which is the floor at the foot of the bed and she will lay there with her item and guards it.

I also have another Aussie who is 1 1/2. Now he's our little trouble maker. He use to steal things right in front of you and he would chew them up. Now that he's a little older he doesn't chew things up anymore he just likes to run around the house with them. But when he was younger if we caught him we would exchange out what he stole with one of his toys or a chew bone and that seemed to help. Because now he doesn't destroy things that don't belong to him.

Likes to read!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the feedback. Looks as though we might have to live without a coffee table for a while yet! I just wish I could catch her in the act...

Ours, too
by: Anonymous

Our three-year old used to take paper or facial tissue (ick) from our wastebaskets and shred it. As a puppy, she would eat it, too. But, shredding was fun and exciting! I had some worn 100% cotton sheets that I tore into reasonable sizes and let her shred those. She did not try to eat the cloth, but just enjoyed the shredding. She still occasionally likes to play tug and rip the worn fabric. But, she has mostly outgrown the wastebasket thievery. Hang in there!

try tin cans...
by: Anonymous

You could try putting an old book on your coffee table and tie something noisy to it, like tin cans with some change in them. When she pulls the book, the rattling cans that come along with it might startle her enough to break her of her "love of reading"

Loves reading
by: Anonymous

What a great idea! Thanks. I also want to try putting a little wasabi on an old book!

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