Low Pulse

My Aussie is 5 or 6 years old and has a pulse of 72. He weighs 77 lbs. and my vet is doing extensive tests to see why his pulse is only 72, anybody have this problem or any input? Sure would appreciate the info as I am soo sick and worried. Thank you! Millie

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Hows it going?
by: Anonymous

I dont know if you're vet has come up with an answer yet,sjce you lst posted this, but I googled low pulse in dogs, and got answers from "possible" heart disease, and such. but don't get scared. it could be that you're dog is just more sedentary. when you take him out for walks does he want to go, is he able to or does he tire quickly and easily(of course if its a hot day, he will) but I mean normally? is this a recent thing? you said he's about 5 or 6 years old now, has it always been like this? is he acting any differently? more sluggish, vomiting, coughing? anyway, hope all is well. keep us posted. best to you both.

low pulse
by: Millie

My dog has had his thyroid tested, is fine. Adrenal test was fine also...Right now he is undergoing shots for allergies!! Never stops! next we will have heart x-rays and ultrasound if needed. He has been like this since I got him from the kennel three years ago. Just thought it was his way. Did noticed he fatigued early chasing his ball. The old vet said his heart was ok and never did tell me anything reg. the rate of beats per minute. The vet i am going to now said his heart sounds strong, but should be faster. He always wants to go, after 20 to 30 minutes of walking, he slows down. Naturally the heat makes it worse for all dogs. I am worried!! and don't know what to think. Have you anybody else experienced this problem? Any suggestions??

by: Anonymous

hmm, wow, sounds like it could be some from of heart disease from what I've read. not really sure what else to suggest since you are having all kinds of tests done. unless you're concern he will get worse, I guess, if they don't find anything else, just let him be, enjoy him, and don't over work nor over tire him. possibly, like humans, he may need a heart pacer to regulate his heart, but I can imagine the cost, and problems with that.
I really am sorry. praying for you and your boy.

Any answers
by: Nats

Hi Millie, have you found out what had caused your dogs slow pulse? I have a 2 yr old Aussie who is just not herself. I have checked her thyroid, run full blood panels and have checked her for Addison's. Her pulse has been as low as 44 at rest and 60 after a bit of light activity. I'm hoping to get her heart checked soon. She also pants so much and always seems to have hot skin but not running a fever.

Low pulse
by: Millie

I took Merlin to another vet, another opinion. He told me his heart sounded strong and the Aussie breed was like a runner, slow heart beat. I am hoping this is true. He was bred like this, so he said. Merlin was like this nearly four years ago. I hope he is correct. He is not a long distance walker. He stays next to me 24/7'. Never leaves me out of his site. I do not over run him or push him. I love him soo much and want to keep him as long as possible. He is soo smart! Anyone have any comments regarding this? This is the third vet who has seen Merlin. I asked the very first one to check his heart as he is not active like my last Aussie and she told me his heart was strong. So don't know what to think so I take good care of him as I have every dog I have had, don't know what to think. Any input?

Hi Millie
by: Nats

Hi, I'm not sure regarding low pulse rates in Aussies. I know it is normal for some breeds to have low pulses, but not sure re Aussie. My male is super busy, always with us but constantly on the move pacing or playing with a toy, and his pulse went down to 32 while he rested next to me!!! I can believe his more as he is a very fit dog, but I would think a less fit Aussie should have a pulse rate that is according to that. I put my girl on thyroid support formula and Sceletium and she has improved a lot. I haven't checked her pulse recently. It was 60 last time. Just checked now...48 at rest. But I'm just glad she's back to her normal self, although I'm not sure what made her improve

Low pulse
by: Millie

I am going with the vet who has told me that Merlin has a strong pulse and bred as a runner has a slower pulse. I take very good care of him and trying not to worry about it. The first of three vets said his heart is strong. The second charged me overi 1,000.00 and told me it was in the 50's, third one told me it's in the 70's. Making me crazy. Let me know what your result was. Thanks


Mine has same exact problem
by: Dac

Ours is the same way. I have a stethoscope and listen to his heart sometimes in the morning and it drops as low as 32-35. Throughout the day he’s in the 60-70 range and when exercised he gets above 100. We had X-rays done, echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, the only thing the vet kind of saw on the chest X-ray may have indicated some sort of mild bronchitis, possibly related to allergies. He does have terrible chicken allergies so we don’t feed him anything with chicken in it. I feel your concern though, I can’t be 100% sure of what it could be either. We have a second Aussie female, and she’s months. Her heart is a bit faster than what his was at her age but still slower than other dogs her size and age. So who knows maybe it is an Aussie thing... please let me know if you have any updates on your dog. Good luck, I know how much he means to you.

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