Male Australian Shepherd Off-Leash Problems (Attacking Other Males Who Are On-Leash)

by JTown

My 1 year old male Australian Shepherd is very intelligent and he has learnt that he can experience the thrill of "winning" when he spots other male dogs who are on leash. When he spots one, he will start barking and lunging at these dogs.

Normally his recall is very good but he has now figured out that it's fun to feel this "winning" experience. He is chemically castrated but is very dominant.

To be clear, this is happening in off-leash parks and it happens to be with owners who have males that they are very nervous about and for whatever reason walk them on leash in areas with dogs off leash. I have noticed these are typically smaller but very equally dominant males that my dog can bully can experience this thrill.

Its maybe happened once or twice in the last 6 months but today it happened twice in two different parks.

How do you resolve this? Do you just work on better recall or is there anyone that has experience solving this issue?

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by: Anonymous

Teach him to focus on you in these situations. Know his body language before and when it happens and spot the other dogs before he does. Use treats or toys (high reward treats if you need to) to have him stay focused on you and only you. Once the other dog is no longer in reach for him to take off, then reward him and continue along. Basically, if you teach him to focus on you all the time in situations you want him to, you’ll make all training a breeze. It will take some time so be patient and that’s weird that people in the off leash parks have their dogs on leash. I could see some dogs being leash fearful when a dog approaches, which will cause a fight.

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